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Blunt Umbrellas  Classic Umbrella

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Engineered for unrivaled performance against the most extreme of conditions. Whether you brave Windy City thunderstorms or Bangkok monsoons, these umbrellas will stand up to any condition. The patented RTS design stretches the canopy as tautly as possible, preventing BLUNT umbrellas from turning inside out at a wind's breath. Sleek and modish in look, these umbrellas are the ultimate defense against the elements.

• High Tension Canopy RTS™
• Aerodynamic handling
• Safety Tips
• Storm Resistant
• 5mm Fibreglass Ribs
• Diameter: 120 cm / 47 in
• Length: 84 cm / 33 in
• Coverage: 1390 in
• Type: Stick Umbrella
• Fabric: Quick Dry Polyester
• Shaft: Anonized Aluminium
• Handle: TPR (Rubber)