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Anti Saddle Sore Balm 42g - Regular Size

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Anti saddle sore balm.

• Easy application
• Dry, invisible non greasy barrier
• No petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils
• Skin safe
• Water and sweat resistant
• Effective and long lasting
• Cycle clothing safe
• Vegan approved
• Never tested on animals
• Child safe

• Apply before you get dressed, to protect and arrest the rubbing that causes saddle sores.
• Hand stay clean, apply straight from the stick to your skin, shorts or chamois.
• Oils and grease tend to clog pores and increase body temperature and sweating.
• Made with allergen free and plant-derived ingredients. Added Vitamin B5 to moisturize, soothe and restore inflamed, damaged skin.
• Hydrophobic and breathable treatment that keep pores clog free, Sweat escape and let skin breathe.
• Use daily to stay in saddle longer, 100 miles ride and longer, no frequent reapplication.

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