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An exceptional coffee, sourced responsibly, ready in an instant!

Introducing our very first instant coffee, made of coffees from 13 small producers in the municipality of Pasto, in the department of Nariño in Colombia. These coffees were harvested from the steep skirts of the Galeras volcano, on lush green slopes that are sometimes covered with a thin layer of volcanic ash, a phenomenon that enriches the soil with precious minerals promoting healthy and productive coffee trees. The growers whose hard work is showcased in this blend have learned over time to grow coffee in a temperate climate with a median temperature of 13 degrees Celsius. As this area is very close to the equator, growing coffee there means long hours of sunshine during the day and rather cool nights. The coffee trees grow more slowly there, but once their cherries are ripe, they offer a particularly sweet cup with a very pleasant acidity.

• 4 pouches per box
• Instructions: Mix the content of the pouch with 250 to 300 ml of hot water
• Tasting notes: Caramel, yellow plum and a long and sweet milk chocolate finish
• Country/Region: Colombia/Narino
• Elevation: 1900-2000 meters
• Variety: Castillo
• Process: Washed
• Transparency: Price paid at the origin: $2.56 USD/lb. C market price at the time of purchase: $1.22 USD/lb.

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