Jetboil  Jetboil Zip carbon Cooking System

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Compact and lightweight, the Jetboil ZiP Cooking System is fast to set up and boil making it ideal for camping, Hiking, Military use and cyclists.
The Jetboil ZiP Camping Stove is designed to provide a fast boil to meals and drinks while on the move. With a lightweight and compact design, the ZiP camping stove is perfect for those wishing to travel light when backpacking and trekking. The Jetboil Zip comes with a stove burner and a cooking cup that twist together to create a single convenient cooking system. For excellent fuel efficiency, the stove features a FluxRing® heat exchanger on the bottom of the cooking cup, while the adjustable flame burner housed in a windscreen reduces heat loss when a breeze picks up.

Features :
• 0.8 Litre FluxRing® cooking cup with insulating cozy – ultra-convenient all-in-one coooking system.
• Adjustable stainless steel burner
• Drink-through lid – eliminates the need for mugs or bowls.
• Insulating bottom cover/measuring cup
• Weight: 345g – not including pot support and fuel stabiliser.
• Volume: 0.8 litre
• Boil Time: 1/2 litre = 2 minutes 30 secs
• Water Boiled: 12 litres per 100g Jetpower canister
• Fuel canister stabiliser included
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