Trailr-X Snowshoes

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Fly away with TRAILR - a strong, lightweight supermodel of an all-terrain snowshoe. On and off trails, the slim, symmetric design provides plenty of floatation and easy maneuverability. Maintain traction with instep and heel crampons. Uphill calf muscle relief from flip-up heel lifts. Short hikes or long distance performance, TRAILR brings efficiency.

The X-series signifies the extreme version of each Fimbulvetr model. They are configured for the most progressive and aggressive use. The snowshoe is produced in a slightly stiffer compound, and includes AISI 316 stainless steel crampons and heel-lifts.

• ALL DIRECTION HINGE™ : The patented All Direction Hinge adapts smoothly to any surface ensuring traction and stability.
• The Hugin Binding, easy to mount and super secure. The lacing provides a tight fit, without any pressure points
• HEAVY DUTY: No permanent mechanical fixtures. Maximum load capacity.
• COMPONENTS: DuPont™ Hytrel® TPC-ET, Stainless steel Crampons. 100% recyclable and rock solid

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