GoPro  Sportsman Mount

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Mount your GoPro to guns, fishing rods and bows.
Compatibility: All GoPro cameras

What's included
• Sportsman Mount
• Standard + Skeleton Backdoor Mounts
• Center + Side Brackets
• Assorted Mounting Hardware

• Compatible with most shotguns1, rifles, revolvers, airsoft, paintball and pellet guns
• Mount one or two cameras to capture footage looking forward, backwards or both directions simultaneously
• When used with a gun or fishing rod, camera(s) can be mounted below or to the side of the barrel or rod
• Specially designed Mounting Backdoors help stabilize the camera during recoil
• Non-reflective, matte black finish ensures low visibility
• Please check state and local regulations and laws to ensure that attaching a camera to your hunting equipment is permitted, and comply with any regulations that restrict the use of electronic accessories in a certain area.

From May 10 to 18, 2021

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