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Granger's  PERFORMANCE REPEL-AIR proofer spray - 275ml

$13.99 CAD

No Color / OS - $13.99 CAD

Updated non fluro-polymer waterproofer for textile. Performance REPEL-AIR is designed to renew the DWR Finish on garment such as soft shells. A soft shell is design to be treated only on the outer surface to maximize the built-in fabric breathability. Great Air-Dry performance but durability is improved if care label allow tumble drying. Should be applied to garment while still dampt after washing with a technical cleaner such as Grangers Performance Wash

• Recommended for use on all Gore-Tex® and eVent garments and all waterproof breathable clothing
• A bottle treat 3 to 5 garments
• Volume: 275ml

bluesign® approved
The bluesign® standard is a widely accepted, reliable and proactive tool certifying the eco-friendliness of the entire textile production chain. Instead of focusing on finished product testing, the bluesign® standard analyses all input streams - from raw materials to chemical component, to resources. Prior to production, components are assessed based on their ecotoxicological impact. Potentially harmful substances can ence be eliminated before production even begins.