Polar  Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker

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Ever dreamt of having a personal trainer, a training program and an actual computer on your wrist? With the Polar's Loop 2, this is pretty much what you're getting. Infinite possibilities to improve your healt and lifestyle. And you can carry these possibilities with you, at all time.

Infinite ressources

As mentionned higher, the Polar's Loop 2 bracelet will follow you everywhere you want. Its urban, discrete and elegant look allows it to fit with many different styles of outfits. You can wear it to work, to the restaurant, on the mountain, or even at more formal events. Not only will it give you information and tips about your workout and activities 24/7, but you can also keep track of your sleeping patterns; keep an eye on your calories; and more - you can also connect the bracelet to a mobile phone and Bluetooth to stay connected at all time. A USB cable will allow you to transfer information onto your computer, so that you can check out graphics and stats about your activities.

  • Up to 8 days of autonomy
  • Bluetooth® Smart
  • Keep track of sleeping patterns
  • Perfect for training
  • Urban and discrete look
  • Can be connected to a smartphone
Weight : 38g
Recommended use : Training, every day life, urban
Waterproof : Water-resistant

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