Cross Trail 6X Headlamp

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Cross Trail 6X is a rechargeable, lightweight and comfortable headlamp with generous burn time as well as a multitude of attachment options. The slim battery pack has 2.0Ah power output. This headlamps is perfect for cross-country skiing, running, biking and the days when you just want to get going.

With a generous burn time and smart features such as Silva Flow Light and Silva Intelligent Light as well as a multitude of attachment options. Cross Trail 6X is the perfect all-round companion for longer activities. It runs on a lightweight, rechargeable 2.0Ah-battery – placed in a multi attachment-case and with a battery level indicator. The included attachments gives you the possibility to carry both lamp and battery on either your helmet, handlebar or headband.

With generous burn time, full water resistance (IPX5) and USB-charging, Cross Trial 6X is a versatile and trustworthy all-round companion that will light up any path you choose to run, ski, or ride.

The Cross Trail series - Cross Trail is the ultimate all-round series for you who enjoy both running, biking and skiing. All models come with the same light and features – what differs is the batteries.

Choose Cross Trail 6 with 4xAA batteries if your use will be irregular and if you value really long burn time. If you plan to use your headlamp on a more regular basis, Cross Trail 6X with a rechargeable 2.0Ah battery will get the job done. However, if you do not want to compromise, go with Cross Trail 6 Ultraand receive double battery packs – that will keep you going even during the most demanding training sessions.

• LIGHTWEIGHT BATTERY (2.0AH) - Lightweight USB rechargeable battery, with battery indicator, that can be attached to the neck plate, belt or bike frame
• SILVA INTELLIGENT LIGHT® - A unique combination of long reach spot light and a close flood light - giving you a clear view of both near and far obstacles
• SILVA FLOW LIGHT - Varies the light pattern depending on your activity
• MULTI ATTACHMENT – HEAD, BIKE, HELMET - Use the same lamp for several activities
• LARGE ON/OFF BUTTON - Makes the headlamp easy to operate also when wearing gloves.

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