Therm-a-Rest  Dorado Duo Coupler

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Create a luxurious sleep system for two by mating this sheet with an open Dorado Duo HD Sleeping Bag and two mattresses.
This soft and comfy brushed polyester sheet connects two mattresses with an open Dorado™ Duo HD sleeping bag to create a plush outdoor bed. It mates with the bag via integrated zippers and includes sleeves that can accommodate two large (25 x 77 in or 63 x 19 cm) rectangular mats up to 4 inches (10 cm) thick. This sheet can also be paired with the Ventana™ Duo.

• Compatibility: Mates with an open Dorado Duo sleeping bag with integrated zippers to form a two-person sleep system.
• Fit: Sleeves connect two 25-inch rectangular mattresses to make a plush outdoor bed.
• Comfortable: Brushed polyester adds luxurious feel, plus practicality of cleanliness and breathability.
• Cleanliness: Keeps mattress clean; easily removable for laundering.

Specifications :
• Longueur :(Standard) 196 cm / 77 po
• Poids : (Standard) 14oz / 0.4 kg
• Dimension emballé : (Standard) 4" x 8"/ 10 x 20 cm
• Fits 77"
• Largeur : 127 cm / 50 in
• Shell fabric 75D poly embossed.

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