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TriggerPoint  MB5 Massage Ball

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With a five inch diameter, the MB5 is ideal for relieving tightness and restoring movement in hard to reach muscle groups like the hips and shoulders.
The MB5 is a great tool for anyone needing to release tight shoulders or hips.

• It’s five inch diameter was specifically designed to address the deeper tissue in the large muscle groups that become tight due to repetitive movement and sitting.
• The layered construction made up of different densities offers varying levels of pressure to break up adhesions, stimulate blood flow and restore mobility.
• Ideal to use during a pre-work out or anytime you need relief.

Recommended areas of use:
• Lower Leg: calf
• Hip/Glutes: glutes, hamstring, hips
• Upper Body: shoulders, upper back, chest and side torso
• Height: 5 in
• Weight: 5.8 oz
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