One Hand Forester


One Hand Forester

Red - Black / OS - $87.99

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Product style: 54849

The capable forest worker in pocket format. The One-Hand Forrester Lockblade contain a one-hand blade for instant deployment, and can be opened wearing gloves are suitable for right or left handed users. The dual density handles are ergonomically designed for a sure grip in any weather and are designed in a sleek red and black design. As with all Swiss Army Knives, the Forester carries a lifetime warranty, stainless steel blades and unsurpassed Swiss-made quality and functionality.

1.large lock blade for one hand
3.cap lifter with
5.-wire stripper
7.Key ring inox
8.wood saw

Blade Type: Lockblades
Length: 4.4 "
Width: 1.4 "
Height: 0.7 "
Weight: 4.6 oz