YETI  Rambler Bottle Sling Small

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his Bottle Sling is the simple solution to transporting your H20 hands-free. That way you can eat snacks, skip rocks, or indulge your dog in a riveting round of fetch. Mount it to the HitchPoint™ Grid on any Hopper® Soft Cooler (or the Camino™ Carryall Bag). But if you’re lookin’ to hike light, clip on the removable carrying strap, sling it over your shoulder, and enjoy the journey up to that gotta-see-it viewpoint. Small sized to fit the 18 oz Rambler® Bottle. Rambler Bottle sold separately.

• FLATBACK DESIGN : The sturdy, flat-back structure lets the pouch comfortably rest against your body or bag — no more rolling en route.
• EVA MOLDED BOTTOM : A durable, compression-molded base keeps your bottle upright.
• EASY TO CLEAN : Nature isn’t known for being clean. But no worries. Dirt and mud wash off this exterior like it’s nothin’.

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