Canadian-made and designed winter jackets are created by people who know what it takes to feel right and look great in some of the coldest habitable winter climates on Earth. Some are even made from domestically-sourced materials and fabrics. Wherever they are created, buying a winter coat from a Canadian company contributes to the growth of Canada’s economy and, regarding those with domestic manufacture, help curb pollutants coming for international transportation routes.

why choose Canadian brands?

For Canadian-made brands, choosing to produce with domestically sourced materials and fabrics is not only beneficial to the growth of a country’s economy but for the environment as well. For those Canadian designed brands that manufacture elsewhere, it’s all about choosing the best products available to make high-quality outerwear.

We are proud to carry a wide selection of Canadian-made and designed winter coats produced right here in Canada, or conceived here, and made with domestically-sourced materials and fabrics. The brands include a variety of products but with the approaching winter, we are focusing on the brands carrying winter coats so those still searching for the best winter coat can choose a Canadian-made coat this season.

Our Brands Made in Canada

Some people will be thrilled to see their favourite brand or the winter coat they already own is produced here in Canada. Others may be pleasantly surprised and find a new reason to support a new brand they have just discovered. The following brands are designed and manufactured in Canada.

  1. Quartz Co.

  2. Canada Goose

  3. Kanuk

Designed for the coldest winters, Quartz Co. is a brand that is no stranger to producing top-of-the-line winter coats. The brand is family-run by three brothers and offers a collection of versatile outerwear whose undeniable elegance is suited for urban outings as well as nature walks. They’ve kept production based on the island of Montreal, and proudly offer products entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec. For stylish warmth made here in Canada, shop Quartz Co.

With a well-established reputation at home and internationally, Canada Goose is known for its high-end winter coats with extraordinary thermal properties and sought-after designs. From the Expedition parka, which accompanied scientists at an Arctic research station, to the Skreslet parka, named for Laurie Skreslet, the first Canadian mountaineer to climb Everest, Canada Goose coats have proved their resistance against the coldest temperatures many times. Originally from Toronto, the brand has, during its sixty-plus years of existence, multiplied styles while maintaining the same level of elegance. From bomber jackets to long parkas, Canada Goose products are varied and handmade on Canadian soil.

Forty years after its founding, the Kanuk brand is now a well-known figure in Quebec’s winter landscape. The brand has built its reputation by offering many models of parkas, all designed to face the particularly capricious and cold temperatures of the country. They’ve also undergone a rejuvenation of sorts, finding success both with their classic and more modern designs. Durable, comfortable and winter-resistant, Kanuk parkas have a unique personal aesthetic that guarantees a sophisticated style throughout the cold season.

Canadian Designed, Internationally Made.

The following brands are proudly Canadian. These jackets are designed in Canada and made by the best in the garment industry from around the world.

  1. Vallier

  2. Soia & Kyo

  3. Mackage

  4. Nobis

  5. Orage

Designed in Montreal, Vallier fuses the innovations of outdoor technical clothing with everyday urban essentials. While some of their apparel is made in Canada, other pieces from their collection are made abroad to ensure they get the best quality materials available. The relatively young brand has already made their mark with comfortable urban wear, and their winter jackets are all tailored to optimal city living. Founded in 2019, Vallier designs all-weather apparel for better urban living.

Soia & Kyo, founded in Montreal in 2004, has a straightforward philosophy: “Beauty is in simplicity.” This, however, is difficult to pull off successfully, especially as well as they do it at Soia & Kyo. The minimalist style and sleek elegance of their winter jackets will certainly ensure you many compliments this winter, in addition to keeping you warm on your outings. Proudly Canadian, Soia & Kyo have established an international following as well. 

Launched in 1999 by a Montreal couple, Mackage is a high-end brand that believes the coat is the integral part of your winter outfit. Thus, Mackage offers coats designed with quality materials and with a good thermal capacity, but which, above all, possess a luxurious elegance and a carefully-studied style. To face the winter, the brand offers collections for women, men and even children, but keep an eye out for their range of handbags and accessories that are just as refined.

Nobis means “we” in Latin, and the company is aimed at the community of explorers who are not afraid to go out to face the cold temperatures of the cold season—once dressed right, that is. The Ontario-based brand offers fashionable and timelessly-stylish outerwear and accessories designed for both the city and winter adventures in nature. Their jackets tend to be washable and loaded with ethically-sourced materials and insulation. For a winter jacket as chic as it is versatile, that will keep you warm and comfortable despite the unpredictable weather, choose Nobis.

Orage has been designing better winter wear (and fall, spring…) out of their Montreal home since 1989. Manufacturing happens in Asia at specialised centres that tailor their workflow to Orage, as the company has unique details requiring skilled expertise. Their creativity lends itself to baselayers on up – including a line of winter jackets easily adaptable to mountain snow sports (think ski and snowboard) to winter strolls through the city. Puffers, flat-fronts, men, women and children – there’s a bit of everything in Orage. 

Shop Smart

Take your shopping experience to the next level and shop smart this winter. With so many Canadian brands producing winter coats, jackets and parkas, it’s hard not to find one you’ll love. Choose the sustainable domestic option, and support the growth of the country’s economy by shopping for brands that are designed and made in Canada—or both!