Men's Insulated Jackets

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About Men’s Insulated Jackets

The nip of cold, frigid air can easily bite through a thin winter coat. By investing in a quality men’s insulated jacket, the fear of winter temperatures will never stop you from enjoying the outdoors.

Face the Elements Head On

Winter is a reality for most, and having the right clothing for it is essential. As the leaves start to fall from the trees, the days darken, and chilly air begins blowing, you’ll need to get your seasonal wardrobe ready. Any old coat won’t do. Without adequate insulation, you’ll easily succumb to the dropping temperatures. By purchasing a men’s winter jacket, Canada’s weather stands no chance.
Insulated jackets allow you to enjoy winter as you would any other season. You don’t need to be an extreme ice climber or arctic wild man to take advantage of them. Even walking into work, running errands, and getting some sunshine can be... made that much more comfortable with the right coat. If you are one of the extremists, there’s truly no other choice for you. Men’s insulated jackets allow you to take control of the coldest seasons on Earth.

Down and Synthetic Insulation For All Your Adventures

No matter the intensity of insulation you need for your lifestyle, Altitude Sports has the products you need. Our collection features jackets made with both down and synthetic insulation, so you truly have control over your gear purchase. Down jackets are incredibly warm and possess the highest insulation rating out of any of our products. Made with sustainably sourced plumage, you can feel confident that you’re being a responsible consumer.
Despite its exceptional insulating properties, down is not waterproof. Although treated with water-resistant coatings, it can’t withstand being fully drenched. Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, can handle any level of moisture without losing its heat retention. If you live in a wet climate with frequent precipitation, this is your best choice.

Premium Brands of Men’s Insulated Jackets at Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports has an extensive selection of winter jackets for men, all from the outdoor industry’s leading brands. Our Columbia coats have some of the most diverse applications and can be worn on the slopes or backpacking trails. The Delta Ride Down Vests are a fashionable alternative to a full-sleeved jacket, offering maximum warmth while not restricting limb movement. If you prefer the environmental consciousness of Patagonia, we proudly stock all of their best-selling insulated jackets, including the Nano Puff Hoody.
When you shop for your men’s insulated jacket at Altitude Sports, you’ll benefit from our generous 60-day return policy, as well as free shipping on all orders $74 and up. Browse our winter collection today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warmest insulated jacket?

The warmest insulated jackets are made of down. The natural air pockets that down contains result in a coat that excels at keeping cold air out and body heat in.

Are puffer jackets warmer than wool?

Puffer jackets made with down insulation are in fact warmer than wool. However, wool can handle water much better than down. When wet, a down jacket will lose its insulation value.

Who makes the warmest men’s jacket?

Patagonia parkas are renowned for their excellent insulation and warmth. Premium jacket lines like Canada Goose also make impressive products.

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