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About Men’s Down Jackets

Few products are as time-tested and renowned as down winter jackets. With exceptional insulation and endless styles, you can stay warm and fashionable in the streets or out in the tundra.

Enjoy Maximum Warmth from Down Insulated Jackets

When it comes to the highest level of warmth, there’s no choice better than down coats. Made from the plumage found beneath a bird’s feathers, down offers superior insulation when compared to other products. Geese and duck down are typically used for their exceptional properties. These birds are able to keep warm in frigid environments all winter long with their feather coats, so it’s a no-brainer that insulated jackets produced with the same materials will do the same. Down creates an air pocket that retains warm air and repels incoming cold.
A significant benefit of down is that it’s astonishingly lightweight. This makes it a good choice for adventurers who need mobility and easy storage. A men’s down jacket can compress to smaller sizes without ever affecting the integrity of the coat. It’s important note that down jackets are typically not waterproof. When down gets wet, it loses its insulating properties. Newer technology has allowed manufacturers to coat the plumage with a water-resistant treatment, making the jackets more durable in damp conditions. However, they cannot be soaked or submerged.

The Down Jackets Men Want at Altitude Sports

Down insulated jackets come in all shapes and varieties, making them a diverse outdoor clothing option for a range of activities. At Altitude Sports, we make sure to stock them all. Whether you need maximum protection against the lowest temperatures on earth, or you’re simply after a lightweight barrier for daily winter use, you’re bound to find the products you need at our online shop. From down parkas and vests to casual streetwear, all of the top brands and styles are available.
At Altitude Sports, we have all the best synthetic insulated jackets. The Adidas Terrex Multi Synthetic Insulated Jacket is the perfect option for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking light, and minimal insulation for mild conditions. Featuring a polyester construction made from 100% recycled materials, this lightweight jacket is ideal for adaptable use. The jacket stuffs into its own pockets, making it incredibly easy to transport and store away when not in use.
The Cypress men’s down parka from The North Face is a relaxed fit jacket that draws inspiration from military style. With four front-facing pockets, you’re able to carry every item you need for the outdoors. With a combination of sustainable down and Heatseeker Eco insulation, you receive optimum warmth while avoiding the bulkiness of a pure down coat. In addition, the jacket’s cold rating goes down to -25 degrees Celsius, making it the perfect piece of outerwear for extreme conditions.
Altitude Sports carries a style for every man. Whether you’re a rugged outdoorsman that needs outstanding protection against the elements, or you’re a fashion-conscious urbanite that needs winter-ready clothing for your everyday wardrobe, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you browse our collection. Take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $74, as well as a 30-day return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between down and puffer jacket?

Down refers to the insulation material found within a jacket, whereas puffer is a style of jacket. However, it’s completely possible to have a puffer jacket that’s made of down.

Is a down jacket the warmest?

Yes. Down is the warmest type of insulation available for jackets.

Can I wear my down jacket in the rain?

No, this is not suggested. While many down coats are treated with water-resistant coatings to help them withstand moisture, down can be damaged by excessive water. It’s best to keep your coat out of the rain when possible.

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