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Patagonia makes quality gear for lifetimes of doing what you love. And for a future all of us can love, Patagonia profits go to protecting and restoring this wild and wonderful planet.

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About Patagonia

Here is your chance to get clothes designed to last for years, not just seasons. Patagonia Canada is a complete outdoor adventure powerhouse that helps you become one with nature. Patagonia's most popular products include Down Sweater jackets, Nano Puff jackets, Baggies Shorts and Synchilla Sweaters.

Ethical outdoor clothing using recycled materials

Founded in the 1970s by Yvon Chouinard, the brand evolved quickly from a small start, becoming a leader in the outdoor industry. Today the brand manufactures quality products in many different categories, like hiking and climbing clothing and equipment, and its business is intrinsically tied to the central theme of environmentally-friendly manufacturing.
The company doesn't want to do any unnecessary harm to the environment, and ...thus aims to manufacture its clothes using less water and recycled materials.
Currently, Patagonia's first order of "recycle and refine" uses different objects like bags, and recycled fishing nets. They also use organic cotton to ensure that their products aren't made using environmentally destructive fertilizers.
Patagonia's efforts account for a trail of benefits for the planet and by its joining the fight against climate change. These benefits include cleaner water and reduced plastic pollution.
Moreover, Patagonia has always ensured that it pays its employees fairly along with on-site child care. They also provide their staff with paid time off to participate in local environmental initiatives.

Organic cotton for all-day comfort

Some pieces from Patagonia have become a staple for professional mountaineers and outdoorsy people.
Patagonia keeps things simple with a limited selection of patterns, colors, and styles. Every option offers a balance between minimal and classic, and the materials are of the best quality. You can rest assured they are made to last in some of the harshest climates.
Even if you have no immediate plans to go camping or trekking, Patagonia offers a wide selection of sportswear for yoga or jogging and comfortable everyday items.

Where to buy Patagonia in Canada?

Altitude Sports is an authorized online retailer of the Patagonia brand and offers a wide variety of products across Canada. From Vancouver to Halifax, you can order clothing, fleeces, and more while benefitting from convenient & fast delivery. Plus, as a Member, you get free returns, which makes for an efficient and enjoyable shopping experience compared to in-store purchases.

Patagonia helps save the planet

Since its inception, Patagonia has been committed to using only recycled materials, organic cotton, and eco-friendly methods. They will repair or recycle any products regardless of how old they are. They are also outspoken advocates against the lack of environmental legislation and support for indigenous communities.
Patagonia contributed all of its tax savings to several different environmental causes. They also donate 1% of their profits to various environmental-restoring initiatives. Patagonia is an exemplary firm that follows through on its brand’s message.
The brand has remained loyal to its roots throughout the years, developing new environmentally-friendly products and expanding its reach to make the earth a better place for everyone.
A better environment leads to a healthier future for all of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Patagonia brand famous for?

Patagonia is famous for its sustainability in clothing. Durability is the most important priority in the design and manufacturing of every Patagonia product. The brand’s gear and apparel are made using eco-friendly technologies and are designed to last

Is Patagonia a lifetime warranty?

A lifetime warranty comes with all Patagonia items. If customers are dissatisfied with their purchase, they can have it repaired, replaced, or refunded.

What sports does Patagonia supply products for?

Patagonia supplies tools and apparel used for skiing, climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking, surfing, fly fishing, and trail running.

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