Patagonia Synchilla Fleece

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About Patagonia Synchilla

A longtime staple of Patagonia’s brand, this warm and lightweight mid-layer is perfect for brisk hikes, long nights around the campfire, and après ski at the local mountain town bar.

A Timeless Mainstay of the Patagonia Collection

As one of Patagonia’s most revered pieces of outerwear, the Synchilla Snap-T has a long history of excellence. First manufactured in 1985, the brand set out on a quest to develop a first-of-its-kind material that didn’t have the typical shortcomings of cotton and wool. Through arduous trial and error, this fleece hit the market only a decade after Patagonia’s birth and has never left since. Immediately recognized from afar for its vibrant color patterns and minimalist design, the Synchilla is perfectly engineered for nippy summer nights and brisk fall mornings in Canada.
The baggy and roomy fit of the Synchilla makes it a cozy addition to any outdoor enthusiast's wardrobe. The snap collar can be quickly adjusted to allow in some breeze or to... shield yourself from snow squalls. For harsher weather, this pullover fits snuggly as a mid layer underneath a thicker coat like the Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket.

Recycled Fleece That Doesn’t Pill

When Patagonia began work on creating a fleece that didn’t have the same issues as other products, they were mainly concerned with pilling. Many vests and pullover fleeces are made with material that loosens over time, mainly due to abrasion. These fibers naturally begin to wrap around each other, creating little balls or pills on the surface of the coat. With the Patagonia Synchilla, this problem is entirely resolved. Treated with an anti-pilling finish, their double-sided polyester will remain in its original condition throughout its lifespan.
Environmental sustainability has always been a central focus of Patagonia’s ethos. The brand firmly believes in protecting the natural world that all of us so passionately enjoy. As such, their men’s and women’s Synchilla jackets are made with 100% recycled polyester, and the entire sewing process is proudly Fair Trade Certified, protecting labor standards around the globe.

Casual Wear for Mountaineers

The highlight of the Synchilla is its casual, laid-back appearance. Whereas many of Patagonia’s products are meant to endure harsh outdoor weather, this toned-down fleece is intended for everyday life. As the perfect wardrobe companion for cooler temps, you can rock this stylish fleece out at the bar, on a date, or simply heading out to run some errands. Regardless of where or when you use it, you’ll never fail to express your dedication to the outdoors.
However, feel free to utilize this fleece for more than just streetwear. Lots of hikers, climbers, and backpackers love to use this outdoor apparel staple for all of their exciting adventures. Try it out with a Nano Puff Jacket or Baggies Shorts for some extra mountain style.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to wash the Patagonia Synchilla?

The best way to wash a Patagonia Synchilla is on a gentle, cold water wash cycle. Opt for natural laundry detergent that doesn’t have harsh chemicals and be sure to air dry on a line.

How warm is the Patagonia Synchilla?

The Synchilla is best rated for temperatures around 4-15 degrees Celsius. If doing a physical activity where you’ll be sweating, it will keep you warm in even colder temperatures.

Do Patagonia Synchillas run small?

No. If anything, Patagonia Synchillas tend to run a little bigger because of their baggy style.

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