Patagonia Down Sweater Jackets

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About Patagonia Down Sweater Jackets

Designed with more extreme alpine conditions in mind, the Patagonia Down Sweater provides maximum warmth, superior adaptability, and utmost performance for a range of activities.

The Nano Puffer Jacket’s Big Brother

When it comes to Patagonia’s line of premium clothing, no product is more renowned than the Nano Puff. Patagonia’s Down Sweater Hoody checks all the boxes that the Nano misses. Incorporating a similar design and features, this down variation of a Patagonia classic differs in regard to warmth. The ethically sourced down and feather insulation found in this sweater jacket provides more thermal protection in colder conditions. With a temperature rating of -10 degrees Celsius, the Down Hoody can last longer into the season, allowing you to approach old man winter more head-on.
While the down packing may prefer a dryer climate, its breathability is second to none. This makes it perfect for athletic activities even during the colder months. Many runners combine the Down Sweater Jacket with Patagonia Baggies Shorts for upper-body... warmth and lower-extremity freedom.

An All-Mountain, All-Sport Companion

Patagonia’s outerwear is focused on providing versatility for a diversity of activities and individual pursuits. Capable of being worn out on the town, or deep on a mountaineering adventure, the combination of style and utility found with their men’s and women’s down jackets is a primary highlight.
The Down Sweater Jacket is a preferred choice of rock climbers who are resilient enough to enjoy cold weather scrambling and technical ascents. Most impressively, this compressible jacket stuffs into itself, turning it into an easy-carrying accessory that can be ergonomically stuffed away into a day pack.
The mountaineering reputation of Patagonia doesn’t limit the Down Sweater Hoody to ridgeline excursions. The fashionable design and diverse color scheme make it an eye-catching out-on-the-town piece of outerwear. Wear it with the cozy Synchilla mid layer so that your flair doesn’t evaporate when you remove your jacket indoors.

Patagonia’s Down Sweater Jacket Reinvented

The Down Sweater has long been a staple of outdoor adventurers that just need a little more “oomph.” This year’s 2022 collection improves on the design even further, implementing better technology, more features, and greater sustainability.
Patagonia boosted the jacket’s insulation this year, making it 29% warmer than previous editions. The 800-fill pack down stuffing is nearly as good as it gets and is one of the highest ratings of down jackets found on the present market. Instead of just one interior pocket, Patagonia expanded the Down Sweater to include two, increasing the functional purposes of the coat. Environmentally, Patagonia has always been a leader. They do that this year with their implementation of the NetPlus Shell on the exterior of their Down Sweater Hoody and Jacket, an innovative material made of 100% recycled fishing nets for increased sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How warm is the Patagonia down sweater?

The Patagonia Down Sweater is rated to withstand temperatures of -5 to -10 degrees Celsius.

How to wash Patagonia down sweater?

Down jackets are quite fragile and sensitive to cleaning. The best way to wash one is by using soap designed for down insulation. Try to wash the jacket in a front load washer so that the jacket doesn’t get ripped, and dry it slowly on low heat.

Can you wear Patagonia down jacket in the rain?

The down insulation in Patagonia’s Down Jacket is not intended to get wet. If enjoying the outdoors in the rain, it’s advised to wear something with synthetic insulation like the Nano Puff.

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