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About Patagonia Baggies Shorts

Tested by time and the outdoors, Patagonia Baggies Shorts have been dependably there for every tall mountain ascent, long-distance trek, and barreling wave.

Baggies Have Seen and Done It All

Since they first came out in 1982, Patagonia’s Baggie Shorts have been there for every activity, outdoor accomplishment, or journey you could imagine. Initially, the founder of Patagonia wanted to make a pair of shorts that could easily carry two tennis balls in its pockets. Never deviating from the simple, minimalist style that exemplifies the Patagonia brand, the Baggies design incorporates a plain, mono-tone color scheme and durable texture that’s suited for a range of purposes.
In its 30-year history, no Patagonia product has been photographed more frequently. Loved by all for their simplicity, comfort, and absolute reliability in all conditions, Baggies remain a pillar of... the Patagonia collection. Since its inception, the product has gone through four design revamps. Similar to the recycled polyester outer shell of the Down Sweater Jacket, today’s Baggies are made of 100% recycled nylon or hemp sourced from fishing nets.

Complete Freedom and Comfort

Baggies have always been about loose-fitting comfort with no restriction. When you’re out blazing new trails or climbing new faces, you don’t want bulky layers in between your skin and the natural world. These shorts provide just the right amount of fabric in all the right places. With a free flowing style, you can accomplish whatever you need to without your clothing getting in the way. At just over 7 ounces, you’ll hardly even know that these lightweight shorts are there.
No matter how you like to wear them, there’s a pair of Baggies with the perfect length. Men’s versions come in both the standard 5 inch and long 7 inch varieties, whereas women’s shorts come in either 5 inch or 2.5 inch. Pair your shorts with a comfy Patagonia Synchilla for some early-morning runs or fall-time journeys.

As Versatile As It Comes

There’s no limit to what you can do in a pair of baggies. These universal shorts are designed for every range of activity in Canada. When you need airy, unobtrusive outdoor clothing that allows you to push the boundaries of your limitations, Baggies are what you need. From a casual afternoon hike in your hometown to a harrowing climb on El Cap, this dependable piece of clothing is there for you. When you like your legs exposed but your upper body toasty warm, the Nano Puff Jacket is the ideal outerwear match to go with Baggies shorts.
Baggies aren’t reserved for just land excursions. The 100% nylon or hemp material ensures that it can be used as a quick-drying swimsuit. So when you stumble upon that picturesque lake on your backpacking trip, don’t hesitate to jump right in. Baggies will dry before you take your next water break.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Patagonia Baggies fit?

Baggies are loose-fitting and allow airflow, but they still fit snuggly against the body for an optimum fit.

How to wash Patagonia Baggies?

Wash your Baggies in cold or warm (not hot) water with mild laundry detergent. Dry them outside on a line to keep them from being damaged.

Can Patagonia Baggies be used as swim trunks?

Yes. Made of lightweight recycled nylon and durable water repellent (DWR) coating, Baggies can be worn swimming and dry incredibly fast.

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