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Rab makes rugged, high-performance mountain equipment and clothing for complete protection, comfort, and freedom on the hill, crag, or peak. Using cutting-edge materials as well as time-tested ones, Rab creates honest, hard-working pieces that you’d rather repair than replace.

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About Rab

Rab Equipment is designed for extreme conditions while hiking and climbing. The brand takes pride in creating durable, high-performance, and stylish gear that is built to last. Shop their stellar collection at Altitude Sports now.

The Mountain People

Rab was founded in 1981 by the Scottish climber and mountaineer, Rab Carrington. His first product was a hand-sewn sleeping bag made in his Sheffield attic-cum-workshop. Despite his innovative technical sleeping bag designs, his ability to sew came rather by chance.
It was 1973. Rab was among a group of seasoned climbers who had just arrived in Buenos Aires, their sights set upon the iconic Patagonia ranges. Unfortunately, the climbing gear needed to undertake this challenge never arrived due to a workers’ strike at the docks. Disappointed, the group had no choice but to call off the expedition.
What was a wasted opportunity for the group proved to be a stroke of luck for Rab. Instead of retreating home, Rab stayed in Argentina for the next six months. Broke and jobless—like any good climbing dirtbag—an Argentinian friend named ...Hector Vieytes hired Rab to work at his textile factories. It’s here that Rab picked up essential skills like sewing and pattern-making.
This seemingly random series of events laid the groundwork for Rab’s future company. His first sleeping bag struck a chord of unanimous acclaim among the climbing community. Less than a year later, Rab was spending more time in his attic than on trad routes; instead of sending the sheer cliffs of the Peak District, he was busy moving his makeshift operation to a proper facility.
Today, Rab products are considered to be some of the most rugged and high-performance outer apparel on the market. And they really do have something for everyone: You’ll find Rab garments worn on the rock faces of the Peak District, on the couloirs of the Himalayan death zone, and in the icy February streets of Québec, Canada.

Ethically Built for Cold Weather

Sustainability has long been at the core of Rab’s ethos. That’s why all of their insulation is ethically derived from European geese and ducks, backed by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).
But what exactly does this entail? RDS-certified products have a zero-tolerance policy for unnecessary animal harm. This means no live-plucking and an uncompromising respect for the Five Freedoms of animals.
What’s more, Rab has been a certified Climate Neutral company for the last three years; they protect workers’ rights as Fair Wear Leaders; and have pivoted almost entirely towards recycled/recyclable packaging. To learn more about their values and commitments, check out their Rab DNA page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rab any good?

From siltarp to slippers, Rab is renowned for producing high-quality climbing gear and outdoor apparel. The brand ranks as a favourite among hikers, climbers, and mountaineers alike. In recent years, they’ve even made a splash in the urban scene.
Though many of Rab’s products come with a steep price tag, it’s important to recognize that this is what allows them to maintain strict ethical standards when it comes to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.
And, as the gateway to adventures, you can be sure that Rab gear is always durable and dependable, comfortable and stylish.

Is Rab clothing made in China?

While Rab designs their products in the UK, almost all of their garments are manufactured in China. This may come as a surprise to those who still expect the British brand to manufacture locally. But it isn’t bad news; Rab partners with leading factories who excel as both quality control and workers’ rights. Working alongside these experienced factories has helped Rab create enough supply to meet a growing demand.

Why are Rab coats so good?

Rab coats are specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether it’s a summer tempest or a white-out blizzard, the right Rab jacket will certainly keep you warm and dry.
That’s because the outer shell is treated with a durable water-resistant (DWR) finish, while the down insulation boasts a hydrophobic Nik-Wax coating. The same is largely true of Rab pants.
Besides the many benefits in performance, Rab coats are also good in terms of ethics and sustainability. The down feathers used as insulation in their jackets are ethically sourced, while their fabrics are 63% recycled, with that number growing year-over-year.

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