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Mammut lives for challenges in the most demanding and beautiful environments on the planet. Whether it's success at the summit after a seemingly endless ascent or the umpteenth attempt at one of the most difficult routes in the world, Mammut is there to offer state-of-the-art equipment to those who dare.

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Mammut: high quality products designed in Switzerland

Mammut is a legendary Swiss company. And when we say legendary, we mean it. It’s been around since 1862!

Even with more than a century and a half in business, Mammut continues to gain new loyal fans. The company is known for its all-around high-quality outdoor clothing, but is especially beloved about those who dabble in mountain sports. And by “dabble” we mean “live by”. Mammut is the real deal and even the professionals know this to be true....

Created for mountain climbers, beloved by all

Long before brands were even aware of the importance of creating unique brand experiences, Mammut was busy being unique all on their own. It helps that their founder was a well-known ropemaker in Switzerland, a place that happens to have some pretty nice mountains.

By the 1950s, they have proven themselves as an innovative voice in mountain climbing gear. They did this by creating the “Mammut Argenta”. The “Mammut Argenta” is a special kind of glacier rope made from nylon. Their offerings have evolved over time. Today, you’ll find that Mammut offers kelocks, harnesses, helmets, chalk bags, and oh yeah—all kinds of ropes.

A brand of many facets

The Mammut brand has modernized over recent years to fit the needs of the contemporary adventurer. This means offering a variety of styles for shoppers who spend just as much time in the city as they do in the great outdoors. In the company’s latest new collection, you’ll find the equipment that they’re famous for as well as a selection of soft shells, parkas, and more.

Mammut also sells a variety of base layers, which makes it easy to dress warmly. These clothing items are a must-have if you live in some of the coldest places in the world (Canada included). They carry many clothing essentials for men and women.

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