Women's Winter Jackets

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About Winter Jackets

From down to synthetic, winter insulated jackets come in a variety of insulation options that cater to different needs. Down insulation, known for its exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio, uses natural feathers from geese or ducks to provide maximum heat retention. Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, utilizes man-made materials such as PrimaLoft or Thinsulate to offer insulation even when wet. Each insulation type has its benefits and considerations, making it essential for outdoor enthusiasts to understand the different choices available when choosing a winter jacket.

Stay Warm and Stylish in Any Outdoor Activity

Insulated jackets are versatile pieces of clothing designed to keep individuals warm and protected in various outdoor activities. Whether hiking, skiing, or simply braving the cold winter weather, an insulated jacket offers exceptional insulation and wind resistance. With their lightweight and compressible designs, these jackets allow for ease of movement without compromising on warmth. Moreover, insulated jackets often feature additional functionalities such as adjustable hoods, multiple pockets, and durable shells, catering to the needs of adventurers and casual users alike.

Top Brands in Insulated Jackets for Women

Altitude Sports offers a wide range of insulated jackets for women from some of the top brands in the industry. Brands such as The North Face, Patagonia and Canada Goose are known for their exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. These brands utilize advanced insulation technologies and innovative designs to provide women with stylish and functional jackets that can withstand extreme conditions. Whether it's a lightweight down jacket for everyday use or a heavy-duty parka for cold winter expeditions, Altitude Sports offers a curated selection of insulated jackets that combine fashion and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a parka and an insulated jacket?

Parkas are generally longer, heavier, and more protective than insulated jackets and are designed for extreme weather conditions, while insulated jackets are shorter and lighter, and meant for less harsh weather conditions. Lightweight insulated jackets are versatile and can be worn in a variety of situations, such as a mid layer for sports like ski, snowboard, hiking or camping. They can also be worn as an everyday jacket in cool fall or spring weather.

Do puffer jackets keep you warm?

Puffer jackets, also known as a puffy or quilted jacket, do keep you warm but you have to know what to look for..
These jackets are made up of down or synthetic insulation that’s squished between two layers of water resistant technical fabric. The stitching of a puffer jacket––and, what gives the garment the “puffy” look––evenly distributes the filling.
The final product is an incredibly warm and lightweight staple. At Altitude Sports we offer a range of high-quality puffer jackets whether you’re looking for extreme outdoor sportswear or cost-effective layers.

What are the types of jacket insulation?

Some of the most popular types of insulation include down insulation: made from the plumage of ducks or geese and synthetic insulation: made from man-made materials such as polyester. Primaloft is also a synthetic insulation that mimics down insulation.

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