Women's Urban & Casual Jackets

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About Women’s Casual Jackets

Sporty jackets aren’t meant just for the pros. Fashion-forward and functional urban coats are becoming one and the same. At Altitude Sports, we offer an array of women’s casual jackets for any adventure––big or small.

Something For Every Occasion

Casual jackets are great for sporty women and urbanites alike. The great rule about casual jackets is that there isn’t one. Casual simply means informal and that leaves so much room for variety. From lofty sweaters to this Helly Hansen fleece or water resistant puffies, there’s a casual jacket for every event––heck, there’s probably one for every day of the year.
Didn’t expect us to throw a sweater in there, did you? Well, consider that everyone is different and some of us are simply hotties who like a little draft. That said, if you’re... caught in the rain or are easily chilled, you might want to pick something from The North Face or SOIA & KYO to get your street style going while keeping warm.
With all the options out there, we suggest going with quality over quantity. That’s why we offer a 30-day return policy and free shipping across Canada for purchases over $74. That’s right, if you’re not entirely satisfied, you can return your unworn items back to us. Visiting from abroad? We gotchu. Check out our international shipping and returns policies here.

Keepin’ It Cool With Altitude Sports

Style is just as important as the functionality of a jacket. Some people might argue that style is a function. If the jacket looks good and makes you want to use it over and over again––especially if it’s a well-made jacket––we might have to agree with that sentiment.
Streetwear is constantly evolving. Designers are collectively tapping into the future with fashion-forward concepts combined with high-performance fabrics and technologies: weather proofing and durability have become a basic requirement; and sustainability is taking over the outerwear scene––nothing is cooler than environmentally friendly clothing.
At Altitude Sports we’ve put together a superior line of women’s casual jackets. Our offering gives you the best options so that any choice is a good choice. From Columbia’s minimal Heavenly Long Jacket and the Canada Goose Cypress Vest to even this Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho, there exists an urban jacket in our collection for everyone, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of a casual jacket?

“Casual” often refers to “informal”. Therefore, a casual jacket is an informal jacket––a jacket that is relaxed and suitable for everyday use. Casual jackets can make a statement if paired with the right clothes but they can also stand out if chosen correctly.

What counts as casual wear?

Casual wear is made up of clothing that does not follow any specific formula. Baggy clothing, tight clothing, neat clothing paired with sneakers––it was born from the depths of formal fashion resistance. Today, casual wear can be clean cut or artsy, it all depends on how you want to dress but in most cases, it is simply not fancy and has few rules.

Why do they call it a jacket?

You’ve come to the right place and we’re so happy you asked. “Jacket” comes from the French word, “jaquette”. That word is derived from the Middle French noun “jaquet”––a petite or lightweight tunic.
These days, however, the word is used liberally to describe any piece of clothing, typically thicker than a shirt, that covers an outfit. It is also used as an alternative to the English word, “coat”.

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