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Founded in 1877, Norway's Helly Hansen continues to develop professional-grade apparel for harsh environments. No matter the storm, mountain, or job, Helly Hansen has the technical gear you need to take on any of life’s challenges.

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About Helly Hansen Canada

Designed for those that make their living in the harshest of conditions, the Helly Hansen brand provides exemplary outdoor apparel suited for the demands of extreme weather.

Helly Hansen Jackets: Born From the Sea

Originating from the treacherously cold waters of the Norwegian Sea, the legend of Helly Hansen traces its roots back to 1877 in Norway. Founder Helly Juell Hansen was a sea captain looking for ways to keep his crew dryer and warmer in the harsh elements experienced out on the open ocean. With a little bit of linseed oil applied to cotton canvas, Hansen created a waterproof material that his team of sailors could use to withstand the brutal wave splashes while out at sea.
Realizing he was onto something, Hansen and his wife set out to manufacture waterproof gear more intentionally. They began producing oilskin jackets and pants and quickly... achieved critical acclaim with a product award from the World Expo in Paris in 1878. This legacy of waterproof innovation has persisted throughout their 140+ years in business, making them a world-renowned name in the outdoor sports industry.

Supporting Outdoor Professionals

Helly Hansen has never strayed from its initial vision to provide for working industries that have to endure the world’s harshest environments. Since starting out at sea, the brand has expanded and now produces apparel for over 55,000 outdoors professionals in all climates. Keeping true to their legacy, Helly Hansen continues to outfit the sailors, both at the professional, competitive scale and the working-class level. Seamen, rowers, and global sailors rely on the brand to provide them with dependable waterproofing for everchanging oceanic conditions.
Rising from the sea and up to higher elevations, Helly Hansen equips the folk that works in the mountains. From ski patrol and guides to ice-climbing mountaineers, Helly Hanson is there with their top-rated lines of insulated winter apparel. The official sponsor of various ski resorts including the Vail corporation, HH’s professional grade apparel is trusted to always perform in tough conditions.

Reinvention Throughout the Ages

Since the beginning, Helly Hansen has been driven by their desire to innovate unmatched technologies for weather-resistant apparel. The insights drawn from the early oilskin jackets and pants have contributed to constant progress. In 1949, they were to first to implement a PVC layer into their apparel, creating the next generation of waterproof technology. Decades later, they pioneered base and mid layers that were preferred by lumberjacks and outdoor enthusiasts alike.
In 1984, the brand raised the bar yet again with the introduction of HellyTech, the proprietary waterproof and breathable fabric layer that’s still used on Helly Hansen jackets today. A first of its kind, HellyTech has now become the international standard for superior all-weather protection. Today, the brand continues to provide this exceptional technology while venturing out into additional products like footwear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Helly Hansen Canada?

Helly Hansen Canada is a subsidiary of Canadian Tire. They were sold in 2018 for CA$985 million.

Who wears Helly Hansen?

Helly Hansen is worn by a diverse range of people, all of whom enjoy the outdoors in extreme conditions. From workers like sailors and loggers to professional athletes like skiers and mountaineers, the brand is trusted to always perform.

Where are HH jackets made?

The majority of Helly Hansen jackets are produced in China, with some also being produced in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

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