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About Women’s Ski & Snowboard Jackets

Every woman knows that fit and functionality are key elements of a good ski or snowboard jacket. Whether hitting the slopes at Tremblant or trekking it in the backcountry of the Bow Valley, at Altitude Sports we’ve got a jacket that’s right for you.

Altitude Sports At The Hill

While snowboarding became a sensational hit in the mid-20th century, skiing has been around since humanity was a wee tot. Our love for sliding across the snow runs in our veins and, like running and even walking, it’s no wonder cross-country trekking and downhill runs have evolved into the sports they are today.
From this love, some of the best outerwear for women’s ski and snowboarding activities has emerged. Whether you need a snowboard jacket or a ski jacket, cold weather sports require great outerwear that’s warm, offers a full range of motion, and keeps moisture at bay.

The Right Women’s Ski and Snowboard Jackets

When choosing the right jacket for your next ski or snowboard adventure, you want to make sure that the jacket fits correctly for the intended purpose. Snowboarders tend to lean on the roomier side with brands like burton, while skiers often lean towards a tighter fits offered with brands like Helly Hansen and rab.
A snowboard jacket with extra space provides room to layer for added insulation, creates friction to regulate heat, and covers your bum during rest periods. The perfect women’s ski jacket, on the other hand, tends to have a tighter fit. This improves the aerodynamics of their outfit and the movement of their arms regulates heat.
Backcountry slopers, cross-country adventurers and backflipping-snowboarders should all consider specific characteristics that will improve their outdoor experience. Big pockets to keep snow out, a snow skirt, breathability, moisture protection, and sustainability are all important features of a great jacket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a snowboard jacket for skiing?

Of course you can wear your snowboard jacket for skiing. The main difference between a women’s ski jacket and a women’s snowboard jacket is typically fit. But, both are a great choice regardless of what you put on your feet––it all depends on your slope-style.
Skiers tend to opt for a tighter jacket. This makes them more aerodynamic so they can fly down the hill. Snowboarders, on the other hand, tend to opt in for a larger fit. This provides more space for layering and good bum coverage.

Can I use any jacket for skiing or snowboarding?

It’s not advised to use just any jacket for skiing or snowboarding unless it has the right stuff. Typically, everyday jackets are not as durable as ski or snowboard jackets––they’re designed for low-output activities.
Full range of motion, heat regulation, and overall weather proofness are very important features of a good jacket for a comfortable time at the ski hill. If your regular winter jacket isn’t up to snuff on these three points, it’s time to get a good ol’ fashion ski or snowboard jacket.

What kind of jacket should I wear for snowboarding?

When choosing a jacket to wear for snowboarding, consider the characteristics that accommodate your needs. It isn’t necessary for a great jacket to have all the bells and whistles of modern design but it has to function right for you.
Important features of a good snowboard jacket include big pockets that keep snow out, a water resistant or waterproof coating, a powder skirt to keep your core dry, an adjustable hood that can fit over a helmet, and overall breathability––like pit zips.

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