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adidas TERREX is a global leader in the outdoor sporting goods industry. With the mission to enable all humans to live a more connected, conscious, and adventurous life, adidas TERREX combines high-performance technologies with fashion-forward designs to weather the forces of nature and inspire every human being to find their own summits. 

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adidas From The Beginning

In 1924, Adolf (Adi) Dassler began making shoes for athletes in his mothers wash room. Adi was from a small town called Bavaria in Germany. His shoes were first worn by gold medal athletes in 1928, but the company would start to slow down in the coming years.
In 1949, Adi Dassler began again with the creation of the adidas name, which is just Adi plus Das from his last name Dassler. adidas screw in studs on football boots were a hit in the 1950s when the German football team won the world cup final. His shoes gained a ton of popularity after the fact. From there the brand exploded in the sports industry, and eventually expanded to wider apparel in the late 1990s.

Staying Active with Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports has everything you need to stay active this season. Combined with adidas, you can find the perfect garment or shoe for your occasion. The largest offering we have from adidas is their footwear. adidas shoes are perfect for runners, and they can also be your everyday shoe. adidas also provides us with their GORE-TEX Hiking boots that are sure to keep you dry and comfortable on the trail.
Other than shoes, we also carry adidas activewear. adidas T-shirts are a hit with all ages, and the bottoms are the perfect match. A few adidas bottoms offerings are the iconic running pants, leggings(select pairs with pockets), tennis shorts, training joggers..., tights, wind joggers, and even tracksuit bottoms. You can easily find the perfect adidas bottoms for you from Altitude Sports.
adidas jackets are also some of the best garments on the market. Their winter jackets are made with high-loft insulation that is incredibly warm, but does not contain any animal products. Many of their jackets are also made with at least 25% recycled materials to further help the environment. It is not uncommon for adidas jackets or hoodies to be water resistant, and check out their ethically sourced down jackets for protection in below zero environments.
Besides the basics like shirts, pants, shoes, and jackets, adidas offers a host of other products through Altitude Sports. adidas socks are a popular buy for everyone, we also offer training support bras for women. Altitude Sports carries a host of backpack options, including options for kids. We carry many different options for children in all the categories we have mentioned previously, as well as hats and beanies. Currently Altitude Sports is offering free shipping on orders over $74 plus a 30 day return policy that can’t be beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does adidas Make Its Products?

adidas makes its products all over the globe now. With its headquarters in Europe, they do produce a significant portion of their products there, however, the majority of their production is done in the cheaper Asian-Pacific region.

Does adidas Allow Children to Work in Their Asian Facilities?

adidas is committed to upholding workplace standards and safety in all of their facilities, including their subcontractor facilities. They actively ensure that all employees are over the age of 15 in their factories, and compliance with this standard is checked regularly by internal and external auditors.

How Many Pairs of Shoes Does adidas Sell per Year?

In 2021 adidas produced 340 million pairs of shoes worldwide. That is nearly an 11.5% drop from 2020 when they produced 379 million pairs of shoes. Although at the same time their total revenue increased, which indicates a shift in the adidas Group business plan as they take a larger share of the apparel industry as a whole instead of focusing on shoes alone.

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