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ASICS' goal is simple: to make the best products. It strives to build upon technological advances and redefine the limits of the human body. Whatever athletic gear you need, ASICS has something for you.

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About Asics Shoes

A time-tested icon of the running world, the Asics brand makes reliable, comfortable and lightweight footwear that promotes a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Running toward the Future with Asics Shoes Canada

Asics is a company that specializes in running shoes, athletic shoes, sneakers and a variety of footwear. They are perhaps most well known for their Asics shoe styles and running shoes. Their runners are comfortable, gel cushioned and still give off a great casual look for on and off the racetrack.
Constantly innovating their offerings; with Asics running shoes, you get a quality product from a brand that's not afraid to experiment. Asics sneakers... are also trendy, sporting a casual style that’s remained quite popular over the years.
At Altitude Sports, you can shop a wide variety of Asics offerings, from new releases to old classics. Whether you’re looking for Asics low-top sneakers, cushioning athletic shoes, or running shoes for your next long-distance run, Asics has a model that will satisfy you. Boasting great prices, high value, and a large inventory, the rewards run high with Asics footwear.

The rise of Asics Running Shoes

The company was founded way back in 1949 in Japan, although it wasn’t known as Asics until years later. Founder Kihachiro Onitsuka was said to be having a conversion with a friend who reminded him to have a sound body and mind. The Latin phrase, "Anima Sana in Corpore Sano," would go on to constitute the Asics acronym.
The origins of the company came from a desire to help supply footwear to children in Kihachiro’s hometown of Kyoto, Japan. Kids Asics athletic shoes have since become a staple of the company. In the 1950s, the company started making basketball shoes because they were, at the time, difficult to make. Conquering the process could amplify the message of dependability for the company, and it largely worked.
With a secure customer base, Asics expanded its shoe offerings to more athletic disciplines. They’ve produced amazing running shoes, cross trainers, athletic shoes, and just really cool sneakers. Innovation continues today with gel cushioning technology, seriously good traction and impeccable style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Asics shoes good?

Yes. Asics has established itself as a leading shoe brand. The shoes are made from reliable, lightweight material and are easy to clean. After a long and prosperous history, the company continues to produce quality footwear favoured by athletes and serious runners.

Is Asics a Chinese company?

No. Founded in Kyoto, Japan, it is a Japanese company. About 40% of their products are made in Vietnam. The company also has factories in Indonesia and China but is not a Chinese-owned company; they are still headquartered in Japan.

What does Asics stand for?

Asics is an acronym. It is derived from the Latin phrase “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano.” Roughly translated, it means a sound body and a sound mind. The phrase is the cornerstone of the brand, which produces footwear that is both functional and comfortable while encouraging athletic activities to foster sound body and mind in its customers.

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