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Barbour is a family-owned British heritage brand renowned for practical and stylish outerwear, clothing, accessories, and footwear for the whole family. Designed for both city and country living, this season’s collection highlights classic and modern styles for spending time outdoors and celebrating memories and occasions with loved ones.

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Barbour is one of those rare companies with a history dating back to the 1800s. To be more specific, the company was founded in 1894 in the town of South Shields in northeast England. The company maintains its headquarters here to this day. In fact, not only do they have their headquarters here, but they also still make their famous classic wax jackets by hand in this location.

Barbour: royal-approved British-made clothing

With their multi-functional, flattering look, Barbour jackets have been loved by many over the years, and was even given a warrant by Queen Elizabeth. A Royal Warrant is a kind of document that is only issued to companies that provide a type of good or service to the Royal family.
This prestige has carried Barbour throughout the years, and today they are a favourite choice of celebrities and other public figures. However, Barbour jackets are also a favourite of those without fame, too, and it’s no surprise why. Barbour’s classic wax jackets are the perfect city life staple.

Introducing the waxed jacket

We’re glad you asked. Barbour as a company is well-known for their waxed jackets, which are a special kind of casual jacket made from cotton that’s been wax-treated. Usually this wax is either beeswax or paraffin wax. Barbour uses sylkoil wax which offers a softer feel and a slightly matte appearance.
The advantage of having a waxed jacket is that it is water resistant, making it ideal for rainy climates. Barbour recommends that its customers re-wax their jacket once... a year, provided they’re wearing their jacket on a regular basis.

A history of sustainability

Thanks to its history of a small-scale, family-owned business, the Barbour mission was sustainable from the start. Fortunately for consumers and employees, it’s a way of business that they’ve proudly continued to this date. Not only does Barbour make their jackets in England, where employees are treated well and paid fairly, but they also put great care into ensuring that their jackets will last for many years to come without needing replacement.
At Altitude Sports, we carry a range of Barbour jackets for different kinds of weather. Shop for jackets and shirts in green, blue, black, and more. Treat your loved ones and explore our options for men and women and enjoy free shipping on your next order of $74 or over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Barbour a luxury brand?

Yes, Barbour is a luxury brand. They sell high-end outerwear, as well as some other clothing pieces and footwear.

What is special about Barbour?

Barbour jackets are best-known for their water resistant waxed cotton material.

Can you wear Barbour jackets in the rain?

Yes, Barbour jackets are designed for use in rainy weather.

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