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About Birkenstock Sandals

Born from a legacy hundreds of years in the making, Birkenstock sandals continue to deliver the comfort, style, and support that inspired its founding in the 1700s. Not sure which Birkenstock is right for you? Learn more about the different styles and options in our Best Birkenstocks Blog post.

The Birkenstock Style

Birkenstocks are the archetypal supportive sandals; they signify fun, stylish elegance, and a casual, carefree attitude. In the world of summer footwear, Birkenstocks are more capable and trendy than flip-flops and rugged enough to walk along rough shorelines while keeping your feet comfortable.
Birkenstocks have gone through various phases of popularity due to their simple and iconic look. Birkenstock shoes and sandals provide support and utilize a combination of latex and cork to create unique footbeds. This approach is not only comfortable but orthopedically correct. The footbeds mold to your feet over time, you get a personalized footbed and arch support.
There are a few varieties of Birkenstock sandals, including their most popular Arizona model, that are emblematic of the Birkenstock style. The minimalist design, comfortable footbed, durable straps, and ample tread separate these sandals from the rest of the competition.

The History of Birkenstock Footwear

Birkenstock shoes and sandals have been popular for years, although many would be surprised to learn how old the company really is. Founded in 1774 in Germany, Birkenstocks have changed over time from simple cobbling to contoured arch support. In fact, Birkenstock was the first company to make use of custom footbeds to help develop arch support.
In some cases, innovation fuels relevance; for Birkenstocks, their traditional approach has been the backbone of their offerings. When you get the formula right, it's better not to mess with perfection. Every style and design of Birkenstocks starts from the same base, offering custom footbeds, a comfortable fit, and dependable durability.
As stated on their website, “The original Birkenstock footbed is the heart of all…models. While today it is synonymous with exceptional comfort, the word ‘footbed’ was first used by Birkenstock in the 1930s to describe anatomically shaped inner soles with special support elements.” Birkenstocks’s latest styles help you look good while keeping your feet happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take care of my Birkenstock sandals?

Like most footwear, wear and tear over time does occur. An easy and proactive solution is to get and apply some cork sealer to prolong the life of your Birks. There are also deluxe shoe care kits for purchase with a variety of included solutions to help reduce brown stains, odors, and discomfort.

Can Birkenstocks get wet?

Prolonged exposure to wet or moist environments can degrade the cork and latex inside your Birkenstocks. However, getting your sandals wet a few times shouldn’t affect the quality of your footwear as long as you dry them completely. Moisture issues that impact Birkenstock sandals and shoes are usually due to improper storage or drying.

How long does it take to break in your Birkenstocks?

Due to their custom fit, it may take time for your sandals to adapt to your unique foot shape. It’s best to wear them for only an hour or two at a time initially to prevent them from hurting. As the footbed begins to mold to your feet, you can increase the duration. In general, it can take a range of 2-3 weeks to fully break in a pair of Birkenstock sandals.

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