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About Cross Country ski apparel

When you’re out pushing your limits on the trails, cross country ski apparel provide maximum warmth and comfort while never slowing you down.

Never Sacrifice Mobility with Cross Country ski apparel

Endurance junkies and winter enthusiasts alike understand the allure of a day spent cross country skiing. Getting your heart rate up all while experiencing the quiet, serene beauty of a fresh snowfall is an experience unlike any other. When others spend their winters cooped up indoors, you’re out on the trails testing the boundaries of your physical fitness. The last thing you need is to be held back by the unavoidable cold and wet weather. Men’s and women’s cross country ski apparel make sure you’re not.
To achieve your full potential, you’ll require the cross country skiing clothing Canada’s harshest winters demand. With nordic ski apparel, you’ll keep your ...inner body temperature regulated so that you can stay out longer and ski further distances. Proper insulation and breathable materials are an absolute must. Even with these qualities, however, you can’t ignore mobility. Don’t be encumbered by bulky winter pants. Choose gear that’s lightweight and flexible, never allowing yourself to slow down.

Elite Cross Country Skiing Clothing at Altitude Sports

Quality cross country apparel is a requirement for the sport to perform at your best. At Altitude Sports, we carry a complete selection of gear that you can start using on the trail. Our cross country ski jackets, pants, and gloves provide you with all-body protection against the elements. Your day will never be cut short by adverse weather conditions again.
The cross country ski apparel womens styles we carry are designed with fashion and function in mind. The Bugaboo Omni-Heat Pant prioritizes durable, breathable waterproofing that keeps your lower extremities dry in all trail conditions. With moisture-wicking properties, the sweat you produce will be removed from your body and vented, reducing the need for multiple layers. If you’re after a more mobile pant style and don’t require maximum insulation, consider the Rossignol Softshell pants. These nordic skiing pants feature lightweight wind and water resistance and promote optimum mobility.
Looking for cross country ski apparel in Canada? Altitude Sports has the exact winter gear you need for all of your expeditions. We offer 30-day returns and free shipping on all orders over $74.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need snow pants to cross country ski?

Some type of winter pants is required, but the thickness entirely depends on the conditions you cross country ski in. If you intend to ski in sub-freezing temperatures, the extra insulation provided by snow pants can help you stay outdoors longer.

What do you wear under cross country ski apparel?

It’s recommended to wear a form-fitting underlayer beneath your cross country ski apparel. The material should be highly breathable and flexible, such as spandex. An underlayer will provide you with the most warmth out on the trails.

What clothing is most suitable for cross country skiing?

The best clothing for cross country skiing offers a full range of motion so that your whole body can be utilized. In addition, it should offer water resistance and insulation against cold temperatures.

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