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Climate change, land protection, social justice...for Deuter, it's all connected. The brand has completely reinvented its approach to business through its Together for 360° Responsibility program and has committed to precise goals for 2025. All this while continuing to manufacture quality, sustainable backpacks and equipment to explore the world we need to protect.

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About Deuter Backpacks

If you’re looking for packs that will last for years and hold up well in the toughest conditions, you’ve come to the right place. Deuter makes all the best ergonomic backpacks for adventurous women, men, and children.

Back to the Beginning

Hands Deuter established the company back in 1898. But, back then, it was just a production factory called, “Mechanical Canvas and Linen Mill.” They first made mailbags and socks for the Royal Bavarian Post. It wasn’t until 1919 that the company adopted the name “Hans Deuter”, or just “Deuter” unofficially.
During the early to mid 20th century, Deuter expanded their product line with packs of all kinds, storage tents, saddles, suitcases, and... other leather goods. They became noticed by a diverse range of explorers. Climbers were carrying their backpacks up rock faces, German expeditioners were ascending Naga Parbot for the first time with Deuter tents, and eventually, the brand would produce the very first nylon backpack in 1968.
Through this successful beginning, Deuter has established themselves as a leader in the outdoor gear industry. Today, they make the best hiking backpacks, sleeping bags, and accessories on the market for true explorers.

Love For the Earth

For almost 100 years, Deuter made their products in Germany. Since 1994, they have moved their manufacturing operations to ethically managed factories in Vietnam, China, and Myanmar.Deuter is transparent about the processes used to produce their products and ensures that the employees at their factories are treated fairly. Remote audits are carried out at least twice a year as well as in-country visits.
The brand is bluesign® approved, uses Responsible Down Standard (RDS) sleeping bag filling, free of harmful chemicals like PFC, and are on track to source 50% of their fibres from recycled materials by 2025. Deuter has put together a stellar repair service to extend the life of their backpacks and created a recycling program called Second Life. Well-worn packs are refurbished and given a second chance in the wild.

Friends Forever

It’s unsurprising that Deuter is sported by some of the best athletes in the world. Afterall, they wouldn’t be here without the explorers who relied on their products from the early days––they contributed to the testing and innovation of their products.
Deuter puts their ambassadors, testers, and athletes into two main categories: Bike Family and Alpine Family. The former consists of legends like Gerhard Czerner, Andrea Hahn, and Annika Jeschke who rely on their Attack and Flyt bike backpacks. Deuters alpinist pros like Patxi Usobiaga, Ragna Krückels, and Alexander Hick carry in the brands Gravity, Freescape, and Ascender series.
Trusted by the best trail runners, trad climbers, and bikers out there, Deuter delivers on all fronts when it comes to expedition requirements. Their gear is tested to the limits by the most experienced explorers of the century. Deuter continues to push the envelope with their pack designs through hard work and dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Deuter?

Since 1991 Deuter backpacks have been made by Duke, a manufacturer in Vietnam. Their sleeping bags have been made by Bellmart in China since 2004 and Myanmar since 2015. The brand prides itself on the relationships Deuter maintains with the families who own these factories.

Is Deuter a good brand?

Deuter is a good brand. They make high-quality backpacks that are tough, durable, and appropriate for a multitude of activities like thru-hiking, world travel, and mountaineering. They are transparent about their manufacturing practices, sustainability, and dedicated to employee wellbeing.

Is Deuter made in Germany?

Deuter is not made in Germany. The brand is, however, German-owned and has been headquartered in Gersthofen, Germany since 1898.

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