Men's Rain Boots

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Men’s rain boots to get you through the wet seasons

There’s an old saying that goes “the great outdoors are only as enjoyable as your equipment allows them to be”.
Okay, so we just made that saying up, but we find that it’s particularly relevant when it comes to rain boots. Rainstorms get a bad rep, but do they really deserve it? We just tend to dread them if we’re not properly prepared. Invest in the right pair of waterproof and water-resistant materials and you’ll find yourself enjoying the rainy days (almost) just as much as the sunny ones.

How to choose the right waterproof boots

Rubber boots are often the default kind of rain boot, but are they really the best kind?
Most rain boots are made from rubber. However, foamed... neoprene is another high-quality durable material that can keep your feet dry while stepping in puddles.
Another thing to keep in mind while shopping for men’s rain boots include height. If you’re looking for boots for a casual setting, you can look for boots that are low or mid height. These usually sit at or above your ankles. These include your classic styles like Chelsea boots, short boots, and of course your slip-on varieties.
If you’re going to be working in your boots or wading into the water, you’ll want something that fits up to your knee. Because outdoor work comes with a slipping risk, these boots also generally offer better grip to perform in snow, slush, and ice.
Not all rain boots are insulated. If you’re working in cold rainy weather, you’ll want to look for boots with a lining. However, you may be able to compensate by buying boots a size up and leaving room for socks. Wool socks are a great option!
If you’re buying your boots a size up, you might even be able to put an insole inside of the boot. This will make your experience even more comfortable because it provides improved arch support.

Shop neoprene and rubber rain boots at Altitude Sports

If you’re in the market for a new pair of rubber rain boots, Altitude Sports has a wide selection for you. Whether you’re spending a work day deep in the bogs or looking for a perfect pair of rain boots for the city, Altitude Sports offers boots from different brands in every style. Orders $74 and over ship for free across Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature are rubber boots good for?

The temperature that your rubber boots are good up to depends on whether or not your boots are insulated. Some insulated rubber boots can withstand temperatures as low as -25 Celsius.

What are rubber boots for?

Rubber boots are used for any activity that requires protection from rain. They can be used for casual purposes or can be used by anyone who works outside.

Do you wear socks with rubber boots?

You can, but you don’t have to! This depends on whether or not your boots are insulated.

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