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Don’t Let Weather Stop You

Cycling has historically been an outdoor sport, and for the most part it still is. However, cycling indoors is more accessible than ever. There are many companies to thank for that. Their series of products are super simple machines that you can hook your own bike up to and instantly have an indoor cycling machine. Then, when you have the time and the weather clears up, you can simply disconnect your bike from your indoor bike trainer and cycle outdoors.
Some bike trainers require you to remove your back wheel and hook your bike up to the machine. While this is a little bit more work, the results are impressive. With this connection, you get more fluid motions, and have plenty of control knowing that there is a strong mechanical connection between the trainer and your bike.
If you do not want to remove your back wheel, you can go with a wheel supported design. With this type of trainer, your back wheel rides against the resistor. This is still a comfortable and solid connection, but doesn’t beat the mechanical connection of the original type of bike trainer. Currently Altitude Sports is offering free shipping on orders over $49 plus a 60 day return policy that can’t be beat.

Train Indoors with Altitude Sports

Whether you want to cycle indoors for convenience, or due to inclement weather, we have what you are looking for. We carry a wide array of products to support your new indoor cycling experience, including the trainers themselves, as well as plenty of supporting accessories.
Our most popular bike trainers, Kickr Bike Trainers are produced by Wahoo Fitness. In 2013, they created the Kickr bike trainer and their innovative product changed the industry. In 2015, Wahoo Fitness released the Kickr snap, a wheel supporting bike ...trainer. Eventually Wahoo fitness expanded all the way into stationary bikes with the Kickr Bike.
Now, Wahoo fitness is not the only company in the indoor bike trainer industry. We also carry Tacx and Saris products. Tacx is considerably more affordable than Kickr products, and it is a great option if you want to stick to a budget. Saris is also a trusted name in the biking industry, that you can’t go wrong with. No matter what brand you pick, you can be sure that a bike trainer from Altitude Sports is worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Any Bike on a Bike Trainer?

No, bike trainers are not compatible with every kind of bike. The bike trainer needs to be compatible with the rear axle of your bike and many times if it is not compatible, there is an adapter available. The list of bikes that are not compatible with a Kickr Bike Trainer is relatively small.

Are Bike Trainers Worth It?

Users who have gone ahead with their purchase can tell you, they do not regret it. Bike trainers are certainly worth the cost because they allow you to train indoors where the weather is nice, allow you to train quickly if you only have 15 or 30 minutes, and are much safer than cycling on the road.

Can You Change Gears on a Bike Trainer?

Yes, you can change gears on a bike trainer. However, the bike trainer itself has many different resistance levels that can be controlled with a remote, or the app. So changing gears manually on your bike is not required, and you can accomplish the same thing by using the app to change the trainer's resistance.

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