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About Hiking Backpacks

While trekking deep in the backcountry, having the right hiking pack can mean the difference between an adventure cut short or an accomplishment that’ll last a lifetime.

Hiking Packs for All Distances and Journeys

The logistics of every hike are different, and your gear will be too. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a simple 2-mile hike, or you’re tackling the entire Great Trail, having the right equipment is essential to your success and enjoyment. For most hikers, this all starts with a reliable hiking backpack.
Day hikers can get by with a much smaller setup - normally 20L or less. Enough to carry some water, a spare sweatshirt, basic first aid equipment, and trail snacks, going any larger will simply hinder the experience. For thru-hikes, a dedicated backpacking backpack is required. Found in sizes of 55L and larger, these bags allow ... for maximum pack weight, while not sacrificing comfort for extended use. Regardless of the magnitude of hiking you do, avoiding bulky gear and purchasing quality hiking backpacks will only boost the experience.

Every Feature Your Adventure Requires

Back in the day, the best backpacking backpacks were nothing more than canvas attached to a metal frame. Ridiculously heavy, uncomfortable, and downright impractical, they made long-distance hikes an agonizing chore. Today’s technology allows hikers to push the boundaries of human endurance. Prioritizing an ultralight backpack has become the norm in the industry, allowing trekkers to journey longer, with less discomfort. Compression shoulder straps remove chaffing and shoulder strain, and adjustable torso length allows the user to customize their packs to their body size.
Ample storage allows for easy access to your outdoor gear. A specialized compartment for a sleeping bag and exterior pockets make all of your items easy to find and accessible as soon as you need them.

The Best Hiking Backpacks at Altitude Sports

All the top backpacking brands are available right here at Altitude Sports. We carry every single size and design that an obsessed hiker could want. Quick day trippers will find convenience in the 8L Atom Sling Bag from Patagonia, perfect for short journeys on their favorite local trail where only water is required. More extreme backpackers with demanding requirements will be fulfilled by the Osprey Rook 65L - the thru-hiker’s workhorse that has all of the best pack features you’d expect.
Regardless of the length of adventure you have planned, our products are there for you. With Altitude Sports’ hiking backpacks, you can set forth on the journey of a lifetime. As always, we offer free shipping on orders $74 and above, as well as 30-day returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hiking backpack worth it?

Hiking backpacks drastically improve the quality of a hike. They’re engineered with extended use in mind and prioritize comfort and low weight. Standard backpacks are heavy and uncomfortable - the last thing you want on the trails.

What is a hiker’s backpack called?

Large hiking backpacks are also referred to as rucksacks. They get their name from a German word that translates to “the back.” Rucksacks are heavier-duty and have more compartmentalization for camping gear.

How big of a backpack do I need for a day hike?

A 20-30 Liter pack is ideal for day-long hikes. These packs will be large enough to carry all of the water you need, some lunch, and extra layers for unpredicted weather.

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