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About Ski Goggles

When you’re charging the trees on the deepest of powder days and ripping up the park on a sunny afternoon, you need the maximum visibility a pair of stylish ski goggles offer.

Enhance Your Line of Sight in All Conditions

Out on the slopes, you can never sacrifice your vision. Regardless of whether you’re a boarder or skier, winter action sports are inherently dangerous activities. You’re flying down the mountain on a thin piece of equipment, and there are countless obstacles that crop up. Compounding this, being up on the hill means you’re subjected to ever-challenging weather conditions that affect visibility. From cloudy overcast skies to dumping powder and blinding sunshine, the natural light up on the mountain is never consistent. On top of this, the reflective surface of the white snow can only add to visibility difficulty.
With a pair of quality snow goggles Canada’s weather stands no chance. Goggles can greatly enhance your skiing by allowing you to maintain clear vision at all times on the slopes. Strong tints can help reduce the blinding sunlight as it reflects off the snow, whereas ...lowlight goggles will help make the variations in snow terrain and texture pop, even on cloudy days.
When you’re wearing goggles, ski as fast as you want because you won’t have frigid wintery winds blasting you in the face. Your eyes will be protected and your face will never suffer from extreme conditions.

Ski Goggles Canada: Every Style and Tech at Altitude Sports

As functional as ski goggles are, they’re also a fantastic way to express your own individual style out on the slopes. Everyone knows that the key to skiing or snowboarding good is feeling good. The modern styles and brands that Altitude Sports carries do that for you. We stock all of the leading brands of snowboard goggles Canada likes to wear, including women's ski goggles as well. These all come in a range of color and tint options, in addition to featuring the latest technology in snowsports equipment.
Oakley’s Fall Line goggles incorporate a rimless design for smooth, sleek fashion and utilize the company’s proprietary Ridgelock Technology, allowing you to swap out different colored lenses with ease. Or go with Anon, a popular goggle option among freestyle riders and skiers for their trendy frame design and bold, reflective lenses.
Altitude Sports stocks a complete line of compatible replacement lenses in varying colors with every brand. With this adaptability, you can adjust your ski goggles' look to any new piece of outerwear you purchase. As always, your order comes with free shipping when you spend $74 or more, and all of our products have a 30-day, hassle-free return policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How necessary are goggles for skiing?

Ski goggles are extremely necessary as they protect your eyes from howling winds and stormy conditions. They also enhance safety by making sure you can see any obstacles in front of you while you’re going down the hill.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive ski goggles?

Cheap ski goggles lack the newest technology that more expensive goggles have. More expensive goggles perform better in extreme lighting conditions and have convenient features like quick-change lenses.

Do beginners need ski goggles?

It’s always recommended to invest in ski goggles. However, if it's your first time and you’re just spending it on the bunny slope, you can likely get away with a good pair of sunglasses.

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