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Choosing the right snowboard gear can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming. There is no end to the accessories and items that you can buy to improve your snowboarding experience. Altitude Sports carries a wide range of top-rated snowboarding gear to help make your next trip to the slopes an enjoyable one.

Snowboarding gear essentials

The most common kind of snowboard gear are boots, bindings, and the snowboards themselves. While the boards are what allows you to have the time of your life on the slope, the boots and bindings are just as important because they’re responsible for transferring your energy from your body to your board.

How to choose your snowboard gear

When choosing a pair of snowboard boots, you’ll want to consider the boot flex, as well as your riding style. Boots usually come in soft, medium, or stiff flex ratings. Soft ratings are the most comfortable on your feet and good for long days. Medium boots are appropriate for the widest range of mountain conditions. Stiff flex boots should be used if you snowboard in treacherous conditions.
If your riding style is all-mountain, like the majority of snowboarders, you’ll probably find softer boots are more appropriate. Generally speaking, the more novice... the rider, the softer the boots. If you are in the business of completing complicated snowboard maneuvers, then you’ll want to choose a more stiff boot.
You’ll choose your snowboard bindings based on your boot size. It’s important that the bindings match the boot. Like boots, newer ridings prefer softer bindings and more experienced riders prefer their bindings to be more stiff. Strap in bindings are the most common type, though you can also get step-on or rear-entry.
You’ll want to choose your snowboard based on length, width, shape, and style. These factors will change depending on your height, weight, and level of snowboard expertise.

Altitude Sports are your go-to snowboard experts

Altitude Sports is home to one of Canada’s largest collections of tried-and-true snowboard accessories that you won’t easily find in stores. We carry snowboard boots and a wide range of snowboarding gear for men, women, and kids. Prepare your whole family of snowboarders and make the most of your next snowboard trip.
Plus, all orders from Altitude Sports ship for free across Canada after a minimum of $74 is spent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you need when snowboarding?

When snowboarding you’ll need boots, a board, and bindings. You’ll also want warm but flexible outerwear and a hat and mittens. Don’t forget your helmet!

What are the three styles of snowboarding?

The three types of snowboarding are all mountain (most common), powder/freeride, and park/freestyle.

Is it okay to leave bindings on a snowboard?

If you’re storing your snowboard for the off-season, you should remove the bindings first. This will help preserve your board’s bend for years to come.

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