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Grab your jacket, do up your boots, sharpen your edges, and head to the slopes. Whether it’s your first or hundredth time on the mountain, get everything you need to fill your winter with adventure. Find skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, goggles, and poles for every terrain and every style. Prepare for the thrills of winter with the best gear and apparel, including eco-friendly options, from leading brands like Burton, Salomon, HEAD, Rossignol, and Atomic, as well as new brands like K2 and DB Journey

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If there’s one thing all skiers know, it’s that gear is key. Avid skiers and beginners alike spend many hours looking up stats and reviews so that they know what kind of ski gear to buy.
At Altitude Sports, we make your next purchase of ski gear easy by offering all of the industry’s top brands in one easy-to-shop place.

What kind of ski gear should you buy?

If you’re preparing for the next ski season, you’ll want to put together a “ski gear wish list” of sorts. The first item on your wish list should be a helmet.
All ski helmets sold by a reputable retailer will fit European or North American safety standards, and that’s the most important thing. The ski helmet you choose will really come down to personal ...preference, though you should also consider whether the helmet will fit with your ski goggles and whether it has adjustable or non-adjustable ventilation.
The next important choice that you’ll have to make is about ski boots. Of all the items that you’ll have to buy as a skier, boots are one of the most important. You should look for a ski boot that fits your feet perfectly. Of course, you’ll also want to look for warmth and comfort.
A ski jacket is another important choice. If you buy an insulated jacket, your future self will thank you. Synthetic is a popular choice because, unlike natural down, it continues to work even after it’s gotten wet (a likelihood on the ski slopes).
Most skiers prefer to use poles. You’ll want to look for a set of ski poles that isn’t too strong and isn’t too weak. Something right in the middle will allow you to keep your balance while not making your arms too tired.
Of course, you couldn’t ski without the skis themselves. As a general rule, long skis offer more stability but are harder to control and short skis are easier to control but less stable. Look into which length of skis is best for you before you hit the slopes.
Some other popular ski accessories include bags, goggles, skins, clothing, and even avalanche equipment. Depending on your preference, you might also want to look into snowboards.

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at Altitude SportsAt Altitude Sports, we live and breathe skiing. That’s why we’ve proudly outfitted skiers across Canada — from the tall slopes of the Alberta rockies to the world-famous ski resorts of Quebec. We carry a selection of products and styles for men, women, and children. Shop our online store and enjoy free shipping on orders of $74 and above

Frequently Asked Questions

What gear do you need to ski?

The gear that you’ll need to skill includes skis, boots, poles, goggles, and a helmet.

What should you not wear skiing?

Don’t overdo it on the socks — you’ll lose circulation. Also, skip the jeans.

What do skiers wear under their suits?

Some skiers prefer to wear compression gear to improve circulation, but it’s not necessary.

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