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If you love to ski, then you know the importance of having the best skis, ski boots, and equipment. Shopping for ski gear can quickly turn into a rabbit hole of researching brands, stores, and prices. Altitude Sports offers a carefully-curated online selection of the best gear so that you don’t have to spend hours shopping.

The most essential kinds of ski accessories

Before you hit the slopes, there’s a few types of gear and equipment that you’ll want to make sure you have. Namely, you’ll want to have a helmet, goggles, outerwear (like a jacket and ski pants), poles, shoes, and bindings. Don’t forget about underlayers and a ski bag.

How to choose the best ski equipment

Choosing the best ski equipment will depend on your height, weight, personal preferences, and style of skiing.
Choosing a ski jacket is a bit different from choosing a regular winter jacket. Although you’ll want your jacket to be warm, you will want it to also be breathable and... flexible to account for your swift athletic movements. Some skiers opt for shell jackets and user layers underneath. Most ski jackets have synthetic down because, unlike natural down, it can get wet.
Make sure that your ski helmet fits snug on your head. When choosing goggles, you’ll want to make sure that they are compatible with your ski helmet, since there should not be any space between the two.
When choosing ski poles, fit is less important when you’re a beginner. You’ll just want something that feels comfortable so it can help you with your balance and momentum.
Ski shoes shouldn’t be too big. They should fit tight on your foot. To ensure that your energy can most efficiently move from your body to your skis, you will want to make sure that your bindings fit your shoes snugly, too.
Underlayers are an important part of the ski experience but one that is often overlooked. You’ll want to avoid cotton materials and instead look for wool and synthetic materials. Look for tights, long sleeves, and thin jackets that can easily fit under your coat.
Ski pants are a bit different from traditional snow pants or snowboard pants. Ski pants should fit snug to help you move down the hill with speed and ease.

Shop for all your ski equipment needs at Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports carries ski gear for the whole family. We offer free shipping across Canada on all orders $74 or over.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gear do you need to ski?

You always need to wear a helmet while skiing. You’ll also need boots, bindings and of course, skis. The right ski jacket and pants can help a lot as well. Though they are not necessary, many skiers prefer to use poles.

What does a person who skis wear?

You have a few options! You can either wear a full ski suit or can combine a ski jacket with ski pants. Don’t forget your layers.

What should you not wear skiing?

Leave the earmuffs and headbands at home—they’ll interfere with your helmet. Don’t wear sunglasses, wear goggles. A scarf could also be a hazard on the slopes. Also, you should avoid cotton material.

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