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Downhill and Backcountry skis

Downhill and backcountry skiing each demand a unique set of equipment. Downhill skiing is often in a patrolled area and the movements are generally fluid and limber compared to backcountry skiing. Often a lift is used to get from the bottom of a slope to the top, eliminating the need for free heels.
Backcountry skiing, or touring ski, can be accommodated by touring bindings or telemark bindings. Both allow you to have a free hill on an uphill climb. As always, backcountry skiing is not for beginners and extensive education about avalanche assessment and rescue is necessary before venturing out into unpatrolled areas.

Ferm snow, steep terrain, deep snow, your gear awaits

Whether you're looking for lightweight skis for uphill performance, or a firmer ski for resort... performance, Altitude Sport has what it takes to equip beginners to advanced skiers.
Href ENs such as Armada, Atomic, HEAD, Black Diamond, and Black Crows have a little something for everyone. Big and small, humans of all sizes can find something that speaks to them and will help them venture farther into the outdoors than they probably ever planned to go.

Enjoy the Slopes with Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports has everything you could need to brave a snowy day full of fresh powder and fluff. From eyewear to underwear and helmets to bindings, you can find something for whatever level of adventurer you are this season.
Kids and adults have choices as well if you want to include younger adventurers in your fun time. High-quality and durable brands not only create safety but save you money in the long run. Cheap equipment and clothing can create too many problems than they’re worth.
Purchase with confidence with our free shipping over $74 and 30-day return policy. If something doesn’t fit exactly right, or you realized you bought the wrong bindings, we get it. Return it and get what’s right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is backcountry skiing?

Backcountry skiing is often done outside a patrolled area of a ski slope. To be safe it’s best to receive additional training such as avalanche assessment, safety, and rescue, and take along some extra gear such as climbing skins.

Can I use downhill skis for backcountry skiing?

Sometimes, most use telemark or alpine touring style bindings and gear, along with taking extra training courses regarding avalanche assessment and rescue. You’re going uphill rather than downhill most of the time, and you’ll need to ski differently.

What are backcountry ski bindings and why are they different?

Bindings for backcountry skiing allow you to have a free and fixed heel. Free heels and climbing skins allow you to ascend slopes. The heel is popped back into a fixed position in the binding when attempting a downslope.

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