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Skilled skiers know the importance of the right ski poles. They are especially helpful if you’re engaging in some challenging terrain and need a little bit of help to keep you moving. While some skiers may find that they’re fine to make it down the mountain without a set of ski poles, many skiers do find that they help with their balance and momentum, making the sport more enjoyable.

What’s the point of ski poles?

Unlike ski boots (or a ski helmet!)ski poles are actually not an essential accessory when skiing. However, they are a very important accessory and many athletes of varying levels swear by them.
For one thing, they are useful for non-downhill skiing. If you are embarking on a course that involves some uphill courses, you will definitely want to invest in ski poles. If you are still learning the ropes of skiing and falling often, you will also find ski poles useful because they can help you get back on your feet after a fall.
As you become a more skillful skier, you won’t want to leave the ski poles behind. Quite the contrary, in fact. The better you get at skiing, the more control you’ll have over your poles and skis, and you can use your poles to control your balance and adjust your rhythm as you see fit.

How to choose the right ski poles

The saying goes that for beginners, the type of ski pole that you use doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that the ski pole fits. You can easily measure whether or not a ski pole fits by eyeballing it. If you have long arms, you’ll probably favour shorter poles. Likewise, if you have shorter-than-average arms, a longer pole will likely serve you.
When choosing a ski pole, look into the materials that the product is made from. Ski poles are generally made from either carbon fibre or aluminum, with aluminum being... heavier but more durable.
You should look for ski poles with a strap. This is useful in the case that you lose your grip during a quick foray down the hill. Smaller baskets make the poles feel lighter, but a large basket allows the pole to have better traction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do ski poles really make a difference?

Though not necessary, ski poles help you keep your balance and control your speed, making a considerable difference in your skiing performance.

Why do some skiers not use poles?

In some cases, such as when a beginner is learning to ski, an instructor will suggest that they don’t use poles while they’re still learning skiing best practices.

Do ski poles help with balance?

Yes—ski poles help with your balance immensely, especially in tricky terrain.

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