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About Sports Sunglasses

Superior performance demands superior gear. Keep your eyes protected against obstructive sunlight and debris with a pair of athlete-focused sports sunglasses from Altitude Sports.

Never Lose Sight of Your Goals

You’re a hard charger who loves the thrill of going fast. With that intensity, you can’t have anything in the way of your line of sight. Whether you’re bombing MTB trails, training for a marathon, or anything in between, the right pair of sunglasses allow you to function at your peak. Regardless of what you’re an athlete in, you can’t risk your vision being interrupted. From powerful UV rays to the dirt you kick up on the trail, sports sunglasses are absolutely necessary to keep you focused.
Sports sunglasses function differently than your typical shades, promoting optimum visibility in a range of conditions. Polarized sport sunglasses are the cutting edge in athletic eyewear, and are preferred by amateurs and professionals alike. These lenses are treated with a chemical that filters out different bands of light, softening the distracting ones and amplifying the good ones. This is especially the with light that reflects off horizontal surfaces. Snow, water, and bright surfaces all change the direction of UV rays, and when they come in contact with your eyes they can easily blind you. Polarized sunglasses only allow vertical light to pass, providing you with crystal-clear vision.

The Top Sports Glasses at Altitude Sports

It doesn’t matter how you spend your time outdoors or what activities you pursue, Altitude Sports has the inventory of sports sunglasses Canada’s athletes need to elevate their performance. With a catalog of styles that’ll match anyone’s desired aesthetic, you’ll be able to keep pursuing your dreams in all light conditions. From classic frames designed for both casual and sportswear to aggressively engineered lenses intended for the most demanding athletic conditions, we have the sport sunglasses brands that you’re after.
Oakley’s timeless Holbrook glasses incorporate a vintage design mixed with futuristic UV protection technology that gives rise to optimum performance, as well as fashion. Their PRIZM lenses filter out all the light bands that impair vision, and the frames are designed stress-free to reduce discomfort for all-day wear. If you’re looking to make a statement and express your trail-crushing, jump-hitting attitude, there’s no better choice than Pit Vipers. These retro-inspired sports glasses offer complete facial protection so that you can handle all types of dirty, dusty terrain. You don’t have to be a supreme athlete to wear these trendy sunglasses either; they’re perfect for casual use and drawing the attention of everyone around.
When you shop Altitude Sports, your next purchase over $74 will ship free. As always, if you’re not happy with the product feel free to send it back within our 30-day return window.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sunglasses do athletes wear?

Athletes wear sunglasses that offer a blend of UV protection, light diffusion, and safety against debris.

What is the difference between regular glasses and sports sunglasses?

Regular sunglasses often just feature tinting that reduces the intensity of the light. Sports sunglasses, on the other hand, filter out specific bands of light to improve the clarity of vision.

Are polarized lenses better for sports?

Yes. Polarized lenses help block out horizontal light that reflects off surfaces, which oftentimes can be blinding.

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