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Inspired by nature, icebreaker harnesses the incredible capabilities of natural Merino fibres to make soft, stylish and ethically sourced clothing—clothing that drives people in their adventures outdoors and in everyday life. Your natural wardrobe awaits. 

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Soft. Breathable. Odour-resistant. Choose natural Merino fibres for your adventures outdoors.

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In 1994, adventurer Jeremy Moon met a sheep farmer while backpacking around his native New Zealand and was introduced to handmade merino wool underwear. 25 years later, Icebreaker's founder and Auckland-based brand remain inspired by nature, travel, and merino's incredible properties. Merino is an active wool fiber, which can gain and release heat depending on the wearer’s next-to-skin environment and the external conditions. The company harnesses these properties to make technical clothing and base layers for outdoor pursuits and urban settings. From ski socks to gloves, and sweaters to summer dresses, Icebreaker's merino products have such fine threads that when in contact with your skin, they simply bend, providing only softness. Whether you're hiking mountains near Vancouver or commuting around Montreal, the brand designs a collection that can improve your everyday comfort and wardrobe.

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