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More than 24 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured worldwide every year. There are 8 billion people on the planet. As shoe manufacturers, KEEN knows that the most significant thing they can do to reduce their impact is to change the way shoes are designed, produced, distributed, and owned.

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Light on foot. Agile on trail.

The faster you go, the farther you go, the more you’ll see. That means more alpine meadows, more sunset views, and an extra-full camera roll. Splash through every puddle, hop across boulder fields, and slide through scree. The fast and light collection is ready for whatever your A to B looks like.

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About Keen Canada

Keen is an American footwear company based in Portland, Oregon. Since the first Newport Sandal was developed by Martin Keen in 1999 and put into production in 2003, Keen has grown to be a household name among outdoor enthusiasts and commuters alike.
The hallmark black toe bumper is still recognizable in today’s footwear models and Keen rapidly expanded from water sports, sailing, and hiking to work boots, sandals, sneakers, and even clothing lines.
Keen has demonstrated special efforts toward conservation and disaster relief through the past decades, most notably in 2004 when they pulled their one-million-dollar advertising budget to fund disaster aid for those affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami that year. This blossomed into... their Hybrid Care Program which now includes partnerships with the Conservation Alliance, Big City Mountaineers, Leave No Trace, and 1 KG More.

Keen Canada and Altitude Sports

Keen footwear is one of the most recognizable brands in the outdoor market for good reason. They put protection and comfort at the top of their list when creating and developing new models while staying true to their Newport Sandal roots.
Altitude Sports is excited to offer many Keen brand footwear options including waterproof boots, commuter, and casual shoes, slip-on hiking shoes, and sandals. Sizes range from toddlers to big kids that never outgrew playing outside even decades later. You won’t have to worry about the wet, cold, or heat bothering your toes in one of these shoes.
Invest in the two pieces of your body built to carry you over your lifetime. Quality products made with durable materials are our priority, so much so that we offer free shipping over $74 and a 30-day return period just in case your purchase wasn’t the perfect fit the first time around.

Climb Higher, Trek Farther

Through the past decades Keen has been a trailblazer-literally and figuratively in the outdoor footwear community. Insulated boots keep wearers warm on hikes that take you well into higher elevations, waterproof options make hiking through streams a breeze.
The waterproof feature is exceptionally important for those that are planning on venturing to places with streams, dew, even rain. Trenchfoot isn’t just something from the history books, it’s what can actually happen on the trail if improper socks, boots, or general foot care are neglected.
Treat your feet to something not only sensible, but long lasting. Pair your new hiking boots with a pair of socks to fit the weather you’ll be fairing, and you should be ready to conquer whatever the trail throws in your path.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size shoe should I buy?

If you have one foot that measures larger than the other, always fit the larger foot. If your feet are between sizes, choose the larger of the two. Socks, insoles, or lacing patterns can help make up the difference.

How do I measure my feet?

Place the short side of a piece of paper against the wall and step onto it with your heel slightly touching the wall and mark where your longest toe is. Measure the distance from the wall to your mark.

How does the sizing work for Keens kid's shoes?

Keen has a four-size system that includes baby (US 6M-24M), toddler (US 4-7), little kids (US 8-13), and big kids (US 1-6). Make sure to check out some verified product reviews, many attest to the accuracy of fit and sizing.

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