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About Waterproof Pants

Few outdoor conditions are more challenging than wet weather. With the proper pair of waterproof pants from Altitude Sports, your adventure never has to be put on hold.

Water Resistant Pants for Rain, Snow, and Sleet

All year round, Canada experiences some crazy weather. From rain in the summertime and fall, to snow in the winter, and slushy sleet in the springtime, being prepared is an absolute must. Waterproof pants are the perfect “just in case item” that you can have in your wardrobe for all of the unexpected days. While the weather won’t always cooperate with your plans, you can still make the most of it with the right snow and rain gear.
Be ready to face everything nature throws at you. Shell pants are designed to withstand torrential downpours while still remaining loose and breathable for humid conditions. Zip pants are a functional variation that allows you to quickly convert your pants to shorts, perfect for hiking uphill. Snow pants have some of the highest... waterproof ratings of all, capable of keeping you dry in the deepest of powder and the most treacherous of blizzards. At the end of the day, durable water repellent pants is the key to a longer adventure.

Versatile Features in Every Pair

Waterproof pants feature some of the most cutting-edge apparel technology in the industry. When it comes to the water resistance itself, nothing is better than GORE-TEX pants. This fabric is dotted with porous holes that are too small for a single water droplet to penetrate, but large enough to allow airflow.
Ultralight options have become common. Many times, all you need is a pant that protects you from harsh rain, while still allowing you the freedom to move with ease. Many rain pants are designed exactly with this in mind and feature full length zippers for increased airflow and maneuverability.

All of the Best Rain Pants at Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports has no shortage of reliable waterproof pants made for a range of conditions. No matter the season or the activity you intend to use them in, we’re guaranteed to have a product that’ll fit your needs. The North Face Venture 2 Half Zip pants are a fantastic choice for the spring and summer hiker that simply needs some protection against adverse weather events. 100% windproof and featuring a relaxed style fit, these pants are the epitome of loose, athletic comfort.
Helly Hansen makes exceptional waterproof products as well. The Legendary Insulated pants for men, women, and youth come with exceptional water resistance intended for the snowiest of conditions up in the mountains. Whether you take them on the slopes or through the backcountry, they won’t disappoint.
As always, Altitude Sports offers free shipping on any order over $74, as well as 30-day returns for your purchasing convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are waterproof pants worth it?

If you enjoy the outdoors frequently and live in a climate where frequent precipitation is common, waterproof pants are a wardrobe staple.

How should waterproof pants fit?

Waterproof pants generally fit a little looser. They’re often worn as an outer layer and need room to accommodate other clothing beneath.

What do you wear under waterproof pants?

It’s recommended to wear a base layer underneath your waterproof pants. Many people opt for tight-fitting, thermal pants.

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