Men's Cycling Shirts

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About Men’s Cycling Jerseys

It doesn’t matter if you’re training hard for the next big race, or you’re simply cycling for exercise, men’s cycling jerseys allow you to unleash your full potential.

Designed for Casual Use and Competitive Edge

Cycling clothes are a unique part of the sport that many outsiders don’t understand. They look at the tight-fitting, neon-colored spandex and ask, “Is that really necessary?” Despite the public’s perception, true cyclists know the importance of proper athletic attire. Endurance, comfort, and performance is exactly what the sport is about, and you can enhance all of it with a cycling jersey.
Boosting aerodynamics lets you break records, whether it’s at the competitive level or just in your own personal endeavors. When you’re flying down the pavement, wind drag can quickly slow you down and limit your achievements. Both short sleeve and long sleeve cycling shirts are designed to reduce air resistance, promoting easy... riding and allowing you to glide to the finish line.

Tailored Jerseys with Cyclists in Mind

Any old compression shirt won’t due when it comes to cycling. The sport has a unique set of demands when it comes to apparel, and a men’s bike jersey helps find solutions. These shirts are fabricated with ergonomic zippered pockets in all the right places, allowing you to carry your necessary items for your journey. Placed in such a way so that they never interfere with your movement, these pockets are a cyclist’s best companion out on the open road.
When it comes to comfort, there’s no better accessory than a cycling jersey. The tail of the shirt is sewn longer so that your back is never exposed to wind or sunlight when you’re hunched over on your bike. In addition, a long sleeve shirt covers your forearms, the most likely place to experience burns. UV rays are a real threat when you’re riding your bike for hours, and it’s important to take precautions against them.
There’s no question about it - cycling is hard work. As such, you’ll be sweating profusely on your daily ride. In order to stay dry, you need clothing that allows water to evaporate. Cycling jerseys are made with breathable fabric that lets your perspiration escape so that you’ll never drench your clothing and have to stop the ride early.

Browse Altitude Sports’ Complete Collection

The cycling shirts men and women need are all right here at Altitude Sports. We make sure to stock the sport’s leading brands so that you’re never left without the utmost quality. From the POC Essential Road Logo Jersey with its subdued, neutral color patterns, to the exotic patterns found on Santini Jerseys, all personalities of cyclists will find a product that suits them in our online store. We provide free shipping on orders over $74 or more, as well as 30-day returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a cycling jersey be skin tight?

For the most part, yes. Jerseys that are skin tight create better aerodynamics and make moisture wicking more efficient. If you find this uncomfortable, there are more casual, baggy options available.

How do you size a cycling jersey?

Most cycling jerseys are true to size, but it’s important to try them on for the correct fit. They should be flexible in the shoulders but tight throughout the torso.

Why are cycling clothes so tight?

Cycling clothes are tight to prevent wind drag and allow skin contact for sweat to escape from the body.

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