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Merrell believes in sharing the simple power of being outside. No matter who you are, where you come from, who you love or how you move, everyone should be welcome in the outdoors and wherever life takes us. Merrell strives to inspire everyone because together, we can all help protect the trails we love.

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About Merrell Canada

Merrell Canada believes in one simple concept: the trails should be accessible to everyone. They make this happen through high-performing and affordable outdoor footwear.

Spreading the Love of the Outdoors

Merrell has a long relationship with the outdoors industry. Founded in 1981 by two Rossignol executives, Clark Matis and John Schweizer, the brand emphasizes premium, high-grade and functional boots for average nature enthusiasts. Shortly after the inception of their company, Matis and Schweizer took on Randall Ivan Merrell as a partner, who effectively established the name that would become known worldwide. Merrell was known for manufacturing handmade custom boots that retailed for over $500 a pair. Although their top-of-the-line quality was highly commended, the price tag made them unachievable to the average outdoorsman. Together, the three set out to design a boot that was made with just as much quality in mind, but with a budget-friendly outlook.
Merrell’s overall focus is to be inclusive to all types of outdoor enthusiasts, providing people with the tools to enjoy the trails regardless of their background or where they came from. In 2020, Merrell became the first outdoor company to manufacture different-sized... shoe pairs for people with disabilities. Additionally, their Unlikely Hikers boot collaboration designed shoes that came in hard-to-find sizes so that all body types could enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Internally, the company prioritizes inclusivity, through cultural training and diversity hires.

The Leader in Hiking Boots

In Merrell’s 40+ years of being in business, they have always been a leading brand in active outdoor adventures. Merrell has consistently strived to make the best hiking boots on the market, a company philosophy that has not faltered since its inception. Within just five years of establishing their business, there had been over 25,000 Merrell boots produced, a number that just kept on growing throughout the decades. In 10 years, the brand had expanded to start producing 300,000 shoes annually.
After being acquired by Wolverine World Wide, Merrell expanded their product line to incorporate trail running shoes. Although not initially successful, elements of the shoe were improved upon and a new type of casual outdoor shoe was created. The “Jungle Moc,” as it was called, became the brand’s flagship shoe style, with tens of millions of pairs being sold across the globe. To this day, the Jungle Moc is the best-selling item in their product line. Providing casual, slip-on convenience with rugged traction and grip, this is the ideal footwear for the relaxed hiker that simply wants a sturdy shoe to bring onto well-maintained trails. In addition to their premium hiking boots and Jungle Moc shoes, Merrell manufactures sneakers and sandals for all outdoor excursions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What country are Merrell shoes made in?

While some of Merrell’s shoes are manufactured in the United States, most are made in Asian countries like Vietnam where production costs are lower. This contributes to the affordability of the brand.

How many miles should Merrell hiking boots last?

The longevity of Merrell hiking boots depends upon the type of use they go through. On average, hiking boots will last from 500-1000 miles. Strenuous, rocky terrain can reduce this number.

Who owns Merrell?

Merrell is currently owned by Wolverine World Wide, the company that produces Wolverine boots and Hush Puppies.

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