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About Mons Royale

Born in the mountains of New Zealand, Mons Royale takes advantage of the lush merino wool native to the founders, Hannah and Hamish Acland, grew up with and share the same affinity for. This brand’s mission consists of influencing people to change how they take care of their environment, through the platform of action and adventure sports.
The goal is to switch to natural performance materials. Innovative design and partnerships with ethical and innovative companies to handle design, production, and manufacturing with these materials are key. Mons Royale products are manufactured in China. The specific factory they’re made in specializes in merino wool products and is the first factory to be awarded the Chinese Environmental Certification.
Keeping you cool when things heat up on the slopes yet warm during the... coldest parts of the year, these pieces are unique, colorful, filled with history, and represent a love for extreme sports.

High performance merino apparel

Altitude Sports is proud to offer products from brands that take pride in protecting our environment and giving back to nature as it gives opportunities for exploration and adventure.Mons Royale has its heart and soul in adventure, and with sustainable materials from the roots of conception, you can’t get much closer to the Earth.
Quality, comfort, durability, and sustainability hit all the marks with us, as they will with you. Mons Royale has created innovative product designs with a material that most would say is built for heavier types of clothing. Lightweight wind shifts, raglans, underwear, and outerwear all are low profile and functional.

Mons Royale and Altitude Sports

Built for the slopes, Altitude Sports features underwear, underlayers, and overlayers to be as cozy or as breezy as you want. Mons Royale isn’t the only brand we feature with ethical and sustainable practices and morals. We offer a variety of companies that boast certified practices that protect and enhance the environment and the people in it, as well as their material sources.
Many natural fibres and materials are certified through internationally recognized organizations to ensure animal and environmental well-being. Many other brands have ethical labor practices in place to also protect the dedicated employees behind each product’s creation; products that bring you closer to the Earth and help you spend more time outside adventuring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Mons Royale source its wool and materials?

Partnering with the world’s leading ethical wool brand, New Zealand’s ZQRX prioritizes the well-being of their animals and the well-being of this planet. Mons Royale also has phased out 90% of virgin plastic use in tags and packaging material.

How do I wash and care for my Mons Royale merino wool pieces?

Wool does not need to be washed after every wear, but every third wear is okay. Close all zippers and buttons, and wash on either a wool setting or a gentle cycle. Do not use wool detergents on merino wool.

How do I get rid of pilling on my Mons merino?

Secure your garment’s zippers and buttons and place in your washer, turn a pair of denim jeans inside out and wash them with it. The denim will rub against your garment and remove any pilling that may be present.

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