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Since 1981, Outdoor Research has created trusted apparel, accessories, and equipment for you to thrive outside. The brand's award-winning outdoor gear is meticulously researched and tested for outdoor enthusiasts around the globe.

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About Outdoor Research Clothing and Gear

Outdoor Research has made a name for itself by creating innovative, durable, and practical products designed to address outdoor issues while making users look good.

Outdoor Clothing and Gear Made for Outdoor Adventure

Sometimes abbreviated to O.R., Outdoor Research is a company specializing in clothing, technical apparel, and outdoor gear. Their offerings are diverse and found across numerous outdoor disciplines. Since its founding, the company has been synonymous with well-made and innovative gear designed to address specific problems encountered in the outdoor recreation world.
Outdoor Research clothing and apparel are designed to encourage exploration, bridging the gaps between rugged, streamlined, and minimalist designs. Outdoor Research gear... has many benefits that will delight people interested in hiking, paddling, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, and those who value adventure.
Along with dependable clothing, apparel, and gear, the company carries useful accessories to supplement its products. Some popular items include gaiters, Seattle Sombreros, sun shirts, down jackets, hiking pants, activewear, mitts, gloves, and weather gear. Outdoor Research’s product catalog is large and ever-expanding.

Research Makes Perfect: A History of O.R.

Founded in Seattle, Washington, Outdoor Research has grown to have a global presence. Buoyed by new gear offerings and products that work correctly in complex adventure situations, O. R. has been able to strike a great balance between comfort and utility. With a wide net of product offerings, customers can discover an Outdoor Research product that suits their needs.
The founder of Outdoor Research, Ron Gregg, created the company following an expedition to Denali. His partner ended up with frostbite because snow had found its way between gaiter and boot. Inspired to get rid of the problem, Gregg created an insulated gaiter that could stand up to the elements. Since that idea in the 1980s, Outdoor Research clothing and apparel have been pushing the innovative envelope.
Outdoor Research unveiled Gore-Tex rain hats in the mid-1980s, which have remained some of their most popular products to date. In 1984 they released a mitten with a velcro attachment to prevent them from blowing away (now a common attachment), and in 1988 they released The Brooks Range overboots, which set the standard for insulated boots. Outdoor Research has continued to refine its products, keeping up a remarkable run as a consistent and reliable outdoor gear manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the founder of Outdoor Research?

Outdoor Research founder Ron Gregg was deeply involved with many of the company's flagship items like their gaiters, mitts, and rain hats. Unfortunately, he and his backcountry skiing partner were killed in an avalanche in 2003. The company was sold, and the future became uncertain until Dan Nordstrom took over the helm. After a renaissance of confidence in the brand, Outdoor Research has remained at the forefront of outdoor innovation and will be long into the future.

Are Outdoor Research products reliable?

Yes. Outdoor Research extensively tests their gear to deliver a solution to whatever outdoor issue sent you shopping. Outdoor Research clothing, technical products, and accessories have withstood the test of time thanks to their reliable build and no-frills practicality.

What is the Infinite Guarantee?

Similar to policies offered by companies like Osprey, Outdoor Research has a superb warranty in the Infinite Guarantee. Outdoor Research clothing, gear, and apparel are all backed by the Infinite Guarantee for the lifetime of the product. If you have a specific issue (like zipper malfunctions, delamination, etc.), you can return the product and have it fixed for free. This does not cover normal wear and tear or lost and stolen items.

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