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Quartz Co.: a purchase you can feel good about

When you think of Canada, what comes to mind? While there are many things to love about this fine country of ours, there’s no denying that it’s cold as can be. It’s no secret that we’re as well-known for our winters as we are for our hockey or maple syrup. It makes sense, then, that Canada would be the home of an array of wonderful winterwear companies. Quartz Co. is an example of how Canada knows how to make great winter jackets.

A proven history that stretches back for decades

Quartz Co. has its early roots in 1976 and has existed as we know it today since 2015. These days, Quartz Co. has a global presence with distribution across North America, Europe, and Asia. In 2020, the company made headlines for dedicating some of its factory space to the manufacturing of medical gowns for Canadian doctors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Leading the way in sustainability

Today’s consumer is more climate-focused than ever before. This is a good thing for both humanity and the planet. Unfortunately, it can be hard for anyone who wants to do their part to find companies that align with ...their values.
Enter Quartz Co. This company is a rare, refreshing example of a fashion retailer with a very transparent approach to sustainability. All Quartz Co. winter jackets are made in Canada, with two factories in Quebec (Montreal and Victoriaville). This doesn’t just mean that workers experience fair working conditions. It also means that it takes less energy to transfer products and materials between factories and retail stores.
Quartz Co. also strives to use only sustainable fabrics. When choosing textiles, they take the environment into consideration. Some of the materials that you’ll find most often in Quartz Co. products include recycled polyester, recycled nylon, organic cotton, and more.

Amazing parkas for men and women

It can be hard to find the perfect winter jacket. Quartz Co. customers flock to the brand for its quality, ingenuity, and style. Some of the most popular Quartz Co. coats include the minimalist FORWARD collection, the classic HERITAGE collection, the unique EDITION collection, and the versatile TRANSITION collection.
If you are unable to visit Quartz Co.’s retail store, you can order online from Altitude Sports. We offer free shipping on all orders $74 and over — no discount code required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Quartz Co. and Quartz Nature the same company?

Quartz Nature used to be the name of Quartz Co. It was changed in 2015 after Quartz Nature was acquired.

Do Quartz Co. parkas come with a warranty?

Yes, all Quartz Co. coats have a five-year warranty.

Are Quartz Co. jackets made in Canada?

Canadian production for the majority of Quartz Co. jackets. Yet for select styles, they collaborate with international factories that align with their sustainability goals, emphasizing responsible practices, expertise, and a commitment to fair labor and safe environments for their workers.

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